What process is a keylogger


Kaspersky Anti-Virus software is believed to have been used by all users, but recently users reported that Kaspersky detected a threat to PDM during anti-virus Keylogger, but no sign of poisoning was found when the file was carefully checked. So what happened?What is a keylogger? Let’s talk about Keylogger.
What exactly is Keylogger? Here is keylogger Exe process information:
Process name: keylogger exe
Detailed name: jannet Keylogger
Specific description: a keyboard recorder program. Will record your keyboard input. But it will also record the contents entered by your keyboard and send them to hackers.
Can I close: an application that can close this process when it is not in use.
Background process: Yes
Other information: None
Process file: keylogger exe or keylogger
Process name: jannet Keylogger
Safety level (0-5): 0
Spyware: no
Virus: no (remove keylogger.exe)
Trojan: no (remove keylogger.exe)
Generally, Keylogger is a plug-in that comes with some programs or software after installation. All Kaspersky, who has always been strict, will automatically check and kill the keylogger plug-in, which may pose a threat. But it is normal to check and kill Keylogger. Because it has not been modified by hackers, all Kaspersky has been killed for investigation. For example, the user is in c:\windows\system32\driver\alidevice If sys finds the keylogger, it is a plug-in of Alipay. If the user uninstalls Alipay, the threat cannot be removed. If the threat is to be addressed. You can modify the settings in Kaspersky. The specific operations are as follows:
First, open and enter the “Kaspersky 2010 version” operation interface, click “setting”, select “exclusion and threat”, select the “setting” button behind the “exclusion object”, click “add” – remove the “exclusion object” and check before the “threat type”, finally click “enter threat type name” below, and enter it as “alidevice.sys”. Of course, Xiaobian suggested not to modify Kaspersky’s settings. Because if your computer is hacked, you may steal the user’s account password and other information through Keylogger. Cause losses to users.
What if Keylogger is modified into a virus or Trojan horse program by hackers?
This is why it is usually easy for us to steal QQ and game accounts in Internet cafes. This is because the keylogger’s Keylogger Software records the user’s information and then steals the user’s account. Xiaobian has also been stolen by others. Tragedy So we can’t underestimate a keylogger program. It is these software that allow hackers to easily steal user account information. All users should be vigilant at all times. For some online game players, we should pay more attention. Once the account is stolen, it will return to its original form.