What knowledge points do you need to know to make a sea app product


What knowledge points do you need to know to make a sea app product

Write in the front: the author has three years of experience in going to sea. The products developed by him have a million downloads of single products, and several products have been launched and hundreds of product updates. He is familiar with the relevant knowledge of Google play. Now look for small partners (Android, IOS, UI, etc.) to cooperate with. If you want to have a passive income and a sideline, please pay attention to the sickle and go to sea, and leave a message to me!

To make an app product, it basically requires the participation of product, design, development, testing, promotion, realization and other personnel. If you are an independent developer, or a small team, you may have to do more than one job. So we need to know the process knowledge of APP products from 0 to 1. Among them, there are competitive product research, data analysis, product positioning, prototype design, UI design, development, testing, online, operation, promotion, realization, etc.

Product surveyIf it’s an office worker, what kind of product may be made has been determined. At this time, there is a direction for product research. If you are making your own products, you may have to choose a direction to determine what products to make. There are many categories of products, the biggest category should be application category and game category, and there are many sub categories under these two categories. What we need to do is to determine the target market, select the categories and ensure that the products to be made have certain market demand. After determining what products to make, we need to start to do competitive product research, mainly to understand what functions, design styles and user experience of the other party’s products. If we can analyze the downloading, retention and Realization of competitive products from the data, we can more accurately analyze the products. In addition to competitive product research, we also need to tap potential demand points and eliminate unnecessary function points. It is necessary to make a relatively long-term product planning. A product cannot stack many functions at a time. For users, we need to “follow the rules”. For competitive product research, in addition to downloading competitive product research from the application market, we also need to use some professional data analysis tools to analyze, comprehensively consider whether there is demand for competitive product functions and whether it is worth our reference.

Prototype designAfter confirming the product function, we need to do the prototype design. If you don’t use prototype tools, you can sketch directly, mainly including pages, function modules within pages, user interaction, page Jump, etc. The most important thing, of course, is to make designers and developers understand it so that they can develop the products you want.

UI designThis link is very important, especially the icon, because in the application market, in addition to the name of the app, the first thing the user sees is your app icon, which will give the user a very intuitive feedback, and the user’s first impression will be generated at this time. The layout and color of the interface in the app will also give users different feelings. As an operation student or product, we all know to test in the application market, among which there are tests for icons and interface styles. The reason I say that UI design is very important is because I am a technical background, the previous products are developed by myself, the UI is basically not designed, and the final products are ugly. After the UI students design, the whole app gives a different feeling.

technological developmentNeedless to say, the core of app is to develop students to use code to realize product functions. As for what technology to use, it depends on the characteristics of the product. If it’s game type, of course, it’s game development tools. Because I am doing some simple game development with my little partner, I use cocos as the development engine. In general, the game companies use a lot of units, 2D and 3D. At present, the products I have developed are basically application products and tool products, so Android studio is currently used. IOS is developed with Xcode. Of course, there are many cross platform developments in the past two years. RN should have been generally recognized in China. If the products developed are Android and IOS, using RN is a good choice. There are also the flutters recommended by Google that are beginning to rise. I believe many people have already tasted them. After selecting the development tools, we began to move the bricks. If we encounter any problems, we still need to actively solve them. For example, if we have no experience in the technology we use, we need to learn now and sell now. In addition to having confidence in ourselves, we need to settle down and develop patiently.

Product launch and operationAfter the app is developed, you have to test it to make sure there is no problem with the function. IOS online needs to be uploaded through Xcode, and the developer account has to pay at least $99 a year. Android is relatively open and can go to many application markets. If it is overseas, it needs to use a ladder. Moreover, Google play is the largest application market overseas. It costs 25 US dollars to register a Google play developer account. In addition, there is no other cost. When uploading app products, in addition to the app icon and app file, APP publicity map is also very important, which is the most direct understanding of APP content when users do not download it. The general publicity map is designed carefully by the UI students. If the interface is nice and the function is relatively simple, the screenshot of the app can also be used. App online needs to be reviewed, so we also need to follow certain norms in the app development process, as mentioned in the previous article. After the app is submitted for approval, users can download and use it. At this time, the app needs to be operated. Through online data analysis, user feedback, etc., the app product can be continuously optimized and upgraded. In the background of the application market, there will be some data of the app, mainly including visits, downloads, retention rate, bug information, etc. Generally, we will use the third-party data statistics tools to help us obtain some user data. The user data here is only general and does not include the user’s specific personal privacy.

Product promotion and RealizationAfter the new product goes online, there will be little traffic now. If you want to get a lot of traffic in a short time, it must be promoted. In addition to the official promotion channels of the application market, there are also many third-party promotion channels, including the promotion of social media, overseas Facebook, twitter, ins and so on. When promoting, we should not only control the cost and pay attention to the promotion benefits, but also pay attention to the resolution of multiple promotion channels and achieve the promotion expectations more effectively. There is also a third party to help us do attribution analysis and other operations, but these are paid services. Therefore, if you want to do a good product, the promotion cost is inevitable, unless the product itself is just needed. Corresponding to promotion, there are many ways to realize cash. My current products are basically tools, and the way to realize cash is advertising plus internal purchase, which is also a common way to realize cash for tools and games. Generally, the game will be better than the app, and IOS will be better than Android.

The above is a very simple process of the next app product. Next, I’d like to write a few articles about Google play online applications. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to leave a message to me. Welcome to discuss and earn US dollars together!

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