“What kind of rubbish are you” will be known in a clap


“Dry garbage or wet garbage? What kind of rubbish are you? “

It is believed that the little companion of Mordor will be driven mad by garbage sorting. Before facing the garbage can, the soul of volunteers asks, “what kind of garbage are you?”

What’s worse, garbage sorting and “self-study” are still needed. No one can ask.

Think what people think and what they need. Ali AI knows you.

After 48 hours of emergency development, Alibaba volunteers developed the AI intelligent garbage recognition function (test version) on Taobao mobile phone, which was built by Alibaba cloud.

Enter pailitao directly and click the “poke me to identify garbage classification” button to enter the garbage identification function.

Or, open the mobile Taobao Search “what kind of garbage are you?” the system can quickly and intelligently identify through Alibaba cloud’s heterogeneous computing capabilities, and directly enter the garbage recognition function.

For the garbage that AI is difficult to identify, the public can manually input the garbage information, and build a garbage classification database with Alibaba AI. The database will also be uploaded to the cloud, and continue to self train to improve the identification ability of AI.

It comes from the hot topic of garbage classification recently, and there are also spontaneous discussions among students in many departments of Ali.

Based on the technology accumulation of hand Taos in image recognition and Alibaba cloud’s native development environment, volunteers quickly developed this AI garbage recognition function within 48 hours.

In order to achieve more accurate AI identification, Alibaba engineers and volunteers also cooperated with public welfare and environmental protection organizations to build an emergencyThe first Internet garbage classification database

Alibaba product experts said that “their original intention is to make sorting garbage more interesting and convenient, instead of worrying about it.”. A more complete new version is expected to be available by the end of July.

They were able to get their ideas across so quickly

Powerful Ali AI technology is indispensable behind

Not long ago, Alibaba AI defeated more than 150 teams around the world in the third image recognition competition webvision and won the championship.

At present, Alibaba AI can not only classify massive pictures at super speed, but also recognize more than 1 million kinds of physical entities, such as 50000 kinds of plants, 10000 kinds of birds, 1000 kinds of different models of cars Ali AI is helping people build a pair of omniscient “eyes of God” in the online world.

There is no end to technology. Alibaba cloud will realize the deep integration of “Ai + 5g + cloud”. There is still more room for imagination in the future. For example, to explore more cutting-edge AI algorithms, machines can learn by themselves, have voice, vision and other multimodal interaction and perception capabilities, and recognize objects more accurately; based on 5g, it can give full play to the collaborative advantages of cloud edge, and public infrastructure also has the ability of recognition and information transmission, so as to realize the intelligence of everything.

AI with temperature can not only win prizes

Better solve social problems

They did it more than once

In July last year, when the Changchun Changsheng vaccine incident happened, Ali health employees spontaneously and urgently set up a “vaccine quick check” project team, and launched a vaccine quick check tool within 20 hours to help parents quickly check the problem vaccine.

In 2015, Ali engineers voluntarily supported and developed the “Reunion” system of Internet abduction in their spare time. In the past three years, the “Reunion” system has recovered 3901 missing children, with a recovery rate of 98%.

In addition, Alipay, Tmall spirit, box horse and so on have also introduced different garbage recognition functions.

Alibaba’s 3-hour public welfare platform will carry out volunteer service activities in multiple communities in Shanghai, and volunteers will help community aunts learn to use intelligent AI for garbage classification. When netizens can get 0.1 public welfare through patletao identification and sharing garbage classification, they will become “3-hour public welfare” participants.

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