What is windows10x? Is win10x easy to use


What is windows 10x?Microsoft has announced a new compact windows platform, windows 10x, but it is only available for dual screen devices like surface Neo, with built-in Intel processors. PC does not support Windows 10x, so PC can not upgrade to windows 10x, and most devices just released by Microsoft do not support it.

Unfortunately, the surface Pro x tablet can’t run Windows 10x either. Although they all have the word “X” in their name, it seems that windows 10x is not as good as a simplified version of windows based on ARM chip. The upcoming Surface mobile phone as like as two peas, does not run Windows 10X, though its dual screen hardware looks almost the same as a tiny Surface Neo. The Duo phone is also a new product. But the surface duo phone supports Android.

Although its compatibility limitations make people feel uncomfortable, Microsoft officials have not talked about windows 10x and explained it at all, but from the interface design point of view, windows 10x is not a new operating system, some like windows 10 after changing the interface design.

Official news: Windows 10x will be available on similar Intel devices of ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo by the end of 2020.

It will run “traditional” Win32 desktop applications in a mysterious container technology, not just web applications and windows store desktop applications.

Windows 10x start menu adopts a new design. At the top of the start menu are commonly used APP and websites, and at the bottom are recently used files and APP. All through AI technology. Compared with the start menu of windows 10, the start menu is simpler and easier to use.

Referring to the insider’s internal strategy of windows over the years, you should not care whether windows 10x is released on a few devices or thousands of devices. Because Windows 10x may only be a module shell, it provides a new user interface for the core Windows operating system, which can achieve more functional experience.

Back to what “windows” is.

In the past, Microsoft likes to say that their system can run everything. As early as 2013, it told us that Xbox one was running Windows. The doomed surface RT ran the windows operating system in 2012, and the original hololens ran the windows operating system in 2016. Many years ago, there were many windows based mobile phones. But after every update of the operating system, many windows users feel that the official is bullshit again, because these platforms do not run traditional windows desktop applications at all, or, in the case of Xbox, do not run any applications for many years. With the misfortune of windows RT and windows 8, they asked to use the start menu, not just a touch screen.

However, Microsoft is not good enough in this respect. Take the mobile phone as an example. When you upgrade your Windows Phone device to the next operating system version two times in a row, you will feel cheated. The compatibility of the upgraded UI or application does not meet expectations. It is estimated that windows 10 x is also generated to solve this embarrassment.

Windows is gradually becoming a modular operating system, which makes it a reality that windows is compatible with more and more common devices. Officials say that Windows core is expected to become more popular by 2020.

Microsoft has been building a new Windows core operating system (WCOs), which will become the new modular backbone of windows. It can match different user interfaces with different types of displays by applying what Microsoft calls a composable shell or cshell to each new interface.

There is a view that Windows core operating system can also be used for ordinary desktops and laptops, with “Polaris” shell, and Xbox Scarlett can also use “gamecore”, but some people think that Microsoft may have abandoned Polaris and supported the standard Windows 10 for traditional personal computers.

Of course, windows 10x is more exciting than any of these because it’s cool and new. We already have hololens, Xbox, a huge surface hub, and ways to control them. For those, it sounds like Microsoft is largely porting the same UI concept to the new Windows core operating system backbone, and windows 10x also provides us with new skills such as wonderbar.

In 2015, Microsoft called Windows 10 the last version of windows, because Windows is becoming a more ambiguous concept than “Windows 8” and “windows 10”. Microsoft says it will try to achieve as many goals as possible when it comes to running Windows on Xbox.

Although Microsoft has taken a small step towards this goal – the current Xbox one is actually running Windows 10, and has made onecore efforts to make windows more modular – Windows needs to be more flexible than this strategy and respond to new device trends.

Microsoft revealed that some functions of windows 10x have special benefits for our ordinary users. For example, it can realize the seamless update in the background, so that the windows update will not interrupt your key work.

Surface Neo and windows 10x were released a year earlier. Because it wants to arouse enough interest in the product to prove that it has a market. At the 2019 build developer conference held in May this year, Microsoft did not take Windows core OS as the main topic, but Microsoft promised to provide more windows core OS information at the 2020 build conference.

Seeing this, you may also recognize the mode of windows 10x. In conclusion, windows 10x is the official name of windows LITE / Santorini before. It is not a new operating system. It’s a derivative of windows 10, optimized for dual screen and folding devices.

Now, smartphones and tablets have become more stable, and new form factors have become a technology topic. Every big company is developing foldable or dual screen devices, or a pair of AR glasses, which means that these new screens have become the first choice of many developers, and new operating systems with more functional experience will be born.

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