What is windows essentials? How to use windows essentials in your computer


Windows essentials is a set of multi tools package launched by Microsoft. These include Messenger, photo gallery, movie maker, mail, writer, SkyDrive, and outlook connector. At present, win and its later versions are supported. Because it is produced by Microsoft, there will be no compatibility issues. Here’s how to use windows essentials on your computer.

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1. Open start – control panel – getting started;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用1

2. Click and select “get Windows Live essentials online”;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用2

3. Click “get Windows Live essentials online” as shown in the figure;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用3

4. At this time, the official website of Microsoft (currently Windows Live essentials has been renamed as windows Essentials), and click download now;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用4

5. The download is only an installation wizard, so the file is not large (1.17MB);

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用5

6. Which programs do you want to install? There are two options: one is to select all the existing programs; the other is to select the installation program according to the user’s needs;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用6

7. For example, in photo library and video production software, there are still very good jigsaw functions (check the required functions, if not, cancel the check box), and then click Install;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用7

8. Wait for installation (the default installation is on the system disk, and no option to select the installation path is provided);

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用8

9. After installation, click close;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用9

10. Open the shortcut from the start menu. For the first use, you need to accept the service agreement. Click accept;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用10

11. You can click Cancel if you don’t need to;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用11

12. For the first time, it will ask whether it is necessary to use the image library software to open the files with these extensions (and then it will search all the pictures in the system). It is suggested to cancel it;

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用12

13. The panoramic photo and photo synthesis function in creation is very good, but you can synthesize only when you take a group of photos (the same machine position, rotate the camera, and there must be the same part between the front and back of the photo, which can not be missing).

Windows Essentials是什么?如何在电脑中使用13

The above is how to use windows essentials in your computer. If you are interested in learning about windows essentials, you can refer to this tutorial.