What is the type of ePub file? Detailed method of converting ePub into TXT file


EPub files are e-books, but many people don’t know how to open ePub files or how to convert ePub files into TXT format. The following small series will introduce how to open ePub files and how to convert ePub into txt files.

1. First of all, your computer should be equipped with decompression software, any one can be used, then right-click the ePub file, and then unzip it to a folder.

2. Then click this folder to enter it. The internal file name may be different. It doesn’t matter.

3. Finally, it’s in the folderFind the HTML or XHTML or HTM file

4. I believe you are familiar with this kind of file. It is the usual web page. Double click itOpen with browserYes.

5. Now you can use the browser to see it. If you want to convert it into TXT file, it will be much easier,Just copy the content and create a new Notepad, just save it.