What is the sudden circle of filst???


What is the sudden circle of filst???

A month ago, I saw a familiar and unfamiliar term – first from the social circle around me and online media. It is said that it is familiar because it has nearly 80% similarity with the token fil of filecoin, the leading project of distributed memory board, which is well known in the coin circle. It is said that it is strange because it has more “ST” suffixes than it has ever seen. Under the influence of “deliberate attention” brought by selective attention, I found that it has a high degree of circulation and discussion in the circle. Therefore, after some inquiry, reading various materials and analysis, I will talk to you today from a “subjective” perspective about what filst is?
What is the sudden circle of filst???


Before we know about first, we need to introduce another noun “defil”.

All friends who participate in filecoin mining or have learned about filecoin should be familiar with their mining access threshold and economic model. That is, if you want to participate in mining, you first need to buy a certain number of mining machines or cloud computing power, then invest high mortgage costs, and finally wait for a long fil output release cycle. Of course, you have to bear the risks caused by currency price fluctuations in this process.

We will not discuss filecoin’s development and achievements in recent years, because market sentiment and participation are enough to prove its “Jianghu status”. Today’s important talk is about how to participate in filecoin mining at low cost.

In fact, filecoin mining has been “criticized” by everyone for its extremely strict economic model. Since the main network of filecoin was launched on October 15 last year, the long release cycle of pledged currency and fil output has always been a practical problem faced by the mining currency circle. At the initial stage of the launch, due to the high proportion of the computing power increased every day in the total computing power, a large number of released coins need to enter the pledge. However, the fil produced and fully released on the filecoin main network was far from keeping up with the pledge amount required to increase the computing power. At that time, fil was extremely scarce and the circulation was seriously insufficient. In addition, the currency price stayed at the “bottom” steadily after the high level fell. Therefore, how to obtain more fil quickly and at low cost and solve the problem of continuously increasing computing power has become the most troublesome problem for miners and miners.

Miners participate in mining without pledge money, and miners also face an extremely severe market dilemma in the sale of mining machines and cloud computing power. In order to get rid of this embarrassing situation, the defil platform has emerged. Defil is a decentralized financial platform with filecoin as the core. Naturally, there is no need to say more about decentralization. The word “finance” has attracted great attention from the market, because it has brought a new way to play for the whole filecoin primary and secondary market and introduced the lending attribute of finance.

Like banks, this platform acts as a trading medium. Those with money can lend to earn interest, and those without money can borrow to fill the gap. However, the lending and lending of the defil platform are based on fil. The emergence of defil has greatly increased the liquidity of circulating currency and brought hope for miners and miners to revitalize the market.

The emergence of defil platform has greatly innovated the income model of filecoin market and accelerated the liquidity of fil. Miners who want to participate in Fil mining but do not have enough pledge currency can borrow fil for pledge mining through this platform; Users who have idle fil in their hands and want to earn additional income through fil can lend through the platform to earn interest income, so the market is “alive”, but it is only revitalized to a certain extent.

Why is it a certain degree of revitalization??? Because filecoin has a huge market space, anyone who smells this big cake wants to take a share. Then the problem comes. In fact, the access threshold for filecoin mining has always been not low. In the early stage, it is necessary to buy a considerable number of mining machines or “computing power”. Secondly, it is also necessary to invest the matching fil pledge on the network. What is waiting for the miners is the 540 day long output release cycle and the risk of currency price fluctuation brought by the secondary market. Mining is a “long road”, which keeps many people who want to participate in the filecoin track thousands of miles away.

At this point, we will begin to really introduce the protagonist of the article [first]. Based on the original lending basis of defil, the perpetual standard computing power token, namely filst (filecoin standard hashrate token), is introduced this time.

What is the sudden circle of filst???
Why was first born?

Previously, we have talked about the financial pressure and market risks brought by filecoin’s access threshold and economic model to miners and market participants. In order to make this market more dynamic, make fil circulate to a greater extent, minimize the entry threshold of fil mining and increase the liquidity of industry and market, filst appears as a standard computing power pass.

Filst is a token produced by mortgaging the real fil computing power and casting its NFT. Its biggest advantage is that it is equivalent to a fil perpetual contract that will never explode. The key point is never explode.

Its emergence, in a real sense, has built a bridge between miners and miners, and also opened up the channel between the mining circle and the coin circle. At the same time, miners, miners and coin circle people can benefit from it.

First of all, filst is also a kind of token, as a standard computing power certificate with filecoin as the core. A formula is listed here: 1 filst = 1 gib fil full storage calculation force, that is, 1nft = 1tib calculation force = 1024gib = 1024filt.

In fact, it is not difficult to see from this formula that filst directly benchmarkes fil calculation power, which also means that filst can earn fil income. It can not only allow miners / miners to hedge risks by issuing standard solvency pass, but also enable ordinary investors to participate in Fil mining at a low threshold.

In short, the generation of filst perpetual computing power pass draws on the characteristics of NFT. By transforming the filecoin node into a unique pass asset through NFT, and then filling the node through NFT, it becomes a standard computing power pass. This computing power pass can be circulated in the market or directly pledged into contracts for lending, Of course, the most important thing is that it can be used as a fil computing power to mine and produce fil.
What is the sudden circle of filst???

Necessity and importance of holding filst

From an economic perspective, why should there be first? In fact, this is also the biggest pain point of miners’ mining. As long as filecoin mining inputs mining machines and computing power, and then pledges fil, it will take 540 days. In 540 days, there is no liquidity. Miners can only passively accept relatively fixed fil output every day, and then accumulate compound interest through immediate release of 25% of output and 180% of 75% of output.
It is said that mining is the most secure way of income, but when faced with an economic model of “checks and balances” such as filecoin, in fact, most people still can’t stand loneliness.
As an investment, everyone pursues low risk, high return and sustainability. In fact, we all know that this is an impossible triangle law. From filecoin miners or other investors, asset liquidity is a very important demand for everyone. Starting from the principle of liquidity, filst has helped miners achieve low risk, high return and sustainability to a certain extent.

Here we will focus on several advantages of first:
1. Full calculation force of filst anchoring fil
Filst anchors 1gib of fil full computing power, which means that filst itself contains the pledged currency required for fil mining and fil income of sustainable output in the future. People who want to participate in Fil mining can participate in Fil mining only by purchasing filst without purchasing mining machines, computing power and pledged currency, and the income is sustainable output.
2. Low entry threshold and high return
The market believes that filecoin has huge development space, and it has broken its head from the upstream to the downstream of the whole industrial chain. What it sees is a premium space for fil in the future. However, the high hardware equipment fees, pledge costs and technical management fees of filecoin mining are like a “roadblock”, blocking the channel of the market.
Filst does not need to consider the above factors. It does not need to buy fil mining equipment, purchase pledge currency in the secondary market, nor pay technical service fees to miners. It only needs to buy filst to achieve full fil output, and participants can obtain considerable fil output income with a very low capital threshold.
3. Fil output 100& circulation, no lock up period
Compared with the original economic model of filecoin, the biggest advantage of filst is that there is no lock up period, the income is 100% released and can be sold as you buy. Filst has huge premium and arbitrage space. In fact, the biggest concern of investment is nothing more than the safety of principal and objective rate of return. In other words, whether to leave at the right time after choosing the right track.
Filst can buy and sell at any time, giving investors enough room to operate. Buying and selling are very flexible, and can circulate in the secondary market in real time. At the same time, filst and its corresponding output fil are also 100% released, which can also circulate and realize in the secondary market at any time.
4. Filst is equivalent to the fil perpetual contract that will never explode
Many people in the currency circle play the contract with the mentality of getting rich overnight, and the result is often not very good. After all, few people make money by frying money, and they also have to bear the high risk brought by the contract explosion, so the gambler’s mentality is not desirable.
Based on the income principle set by the defil platform and the economic model formulated by filst, in fact, the mining income brought by a filst is far greater than the mining income of the anchored fil computing power. Filst’s own “leverage attribute” brings gain space for investors. Moreover, as a mining behavior, the continuous output of income will not face the risk of position explosion caused by the high income of currency speculation contract.

5. Multiple benefits other than fil can be obtained by investing in filst
Compared with directly participating in Fil computing mining, filst brings a variety of operable spaces for the whole market participants. Users can participate in lending on the defil platform to earn additional income by purchasing filst. For example, fil output through filst can be lent to the platform to earn interest. It can also Group LP for liquidity mining, rolling capital pool and unlimited compound interest. Compared with fil, which can only produce fil, taking it alone can realize multiple benefits, which has far exceeded fil’s computing power, killing many birds with one stone!!!

To sum up:
Filst attracts investors most from five points: realizing multiple returns; Sustainable mining; Loans can be made; High liquidity; Group LP mobility mining.
First of all, filst, as a computing power certificate derived from filecoin, actually brings a higher rate of return than pure fil mining from the perspective of input-output.
Secondly, in terms of the market, because of its high flexibility of coming in and out, filst greatly reduces the risk of currency price fluctuation caused by mining lock, greatly increases the liquidity of fil primary and secondary markets, and revitalizes the industry and market funds. No matter what type of participants, miners, miners or currency circles can earn certain income through it. Of course, Perhaps only those who really understand the way of first can enjoy the dividends it brings.
Finally, from the perspective of filecoin’s ecological development, filst and fil complement each other. Filst has brought space for positive circular development to the whole filecoin industry. Based on the prosperity and development of filecoin at this stage, filst is expected to shine in it!!!

Next time I have the opportunity to talk more about the specific playing methods of filst~