What is the status quo of the game industry in the circle of the Internet?



In September this year, the author once described the plight of Galaxy digital entertainment in a report. At that time, the employees of the whole group were delayed in salary payment and provident fund payment, and Chen Ergou was not spared.
So the producers and R & D leaders began to talk to him: if you leave the company voluntarily, the company will immediately settle the arrears of wages with you, and give you a subsidy of 2000 yuan. At the end of September, Chen Er Gou, frustrated with the company, agreed to leave with a chronic disease. Although the company reduced the number of original projects to four, greatly reduced the size of its staff and obtained new investment, he couldn’t stay.
Now Chen Er Gou has decided to leave the game industry to prepare for the civil service examination and choose a civil servant who works nine to five without overtime. Chen Er Gou entered a state-owned enterprise after graduation, but he resigned because he loved games. Now he thought that his brain must be broken
“In the game, there is a gap between my ideal industry and the real industry.”


“There is a gap between my ideal game industry and my real game industry.” Yes, there are always differences between the ideal and the reality. The market is like a cold winter, cleaning up the struggling fish. With the restrictions of broadcasting and television’s version number, “products are the king’s way” and “users are the root” and other correct nonsense constantly come out, because the existence of opportunities can not make up for the fall of the market tide. When the wind subsides, the once false prosperity of the game industry will eventually pay the price.

1、 Meet

B: “I want to play games.”

Me: “why? “

B: “Because of feelings”

What is the status quo of the game industry in the circle of the Internet?

I don’t say a word, it’s just a bunch of beating

What is the status quo of the game industry in the circle of the Internet?

Why? Entrepreneurs should be aware of this. There’s no point in puncturing

2、 Controversies

Me: “Why are you still playing games?”

B: “Want to make a game of your own.”

Me: “do you have money?”

B: “No, investment can be made”

I: “I”

Then a month later, she really pulled two friends to work. She didn’t know the industry, but she had her own ideal game. I admire As a result, we can imagine that the company was forced to hang up soon.

B finally, he came to me and asked me why I was forced to hang up, what was the reason for that, and how to get investment?

My heart is like thisWhat is the status quo of the game industry in the circle of the Internet?

Finally, I gave her an afternoon to talk about the market trends, the direction of the game, the overall division of the market, and channel CP

After hearing this, she was like thisWhat is the status quo of the game industry in the circle of the Internet?

3、 Embarrassing game market

In fact, in the current game market, many gamers have decided to escape from the embarrassing battlefield for a while. Everything has two sides. In this industry, everyone is more and more impetuous, and more and more people choose to follow the current to do VR games. When the game is linked with money, you can’t carry the status quo, you can only give up your dream and jump down one pit after another.
In fact, the game used to be a blockbuster in the Shanzhai market. The R & D cycle of the game has been under pressure from half a year to three or four months, and then to the next one or two months. In 2014, when the mobile game was in its heyday, how many people in the R & D team of mobile games everywhere thought that as long as the products were online, they would get income. In 2015, there were a lot of game skins, but they didn’t know about the products After the launch, it did not reach the expected level until the end of 2016. Although a member of the industry did not want to see this situation, the domestic game market has always been in this embarrassing situation,“No heat, no fire, no death”It’s not too much to summarize it in six words. Games in the app store are also subject to the restrictions of the version number. Everything has two sides. So, now, on the marketThe quality of the gameIt has also been improved a lot.

From micro innovation to pixel level plagiarism, the whole industry has fallen into the magic barrier of ignoring all moral bottom lines in order to make fast money and make big money, and there is also washing water. After the start of the speculative feast, everyone slowly found that there were limited tables, chairs, and dishes. If you want to eat at the table, you have to see the color of the channel.

As soon as many channel operators become Party A, they play more and more, share more and more high proportion, have more and more right to speak about products, and require more and more precise data. The CP are beginning to feel a lot of pressure.

How can I get there? Games, games,Play is the pointThe game market is also the same. From the blue ocean to the Red Sea, the dividend period, the development period, and the stable period, it seems that a hundred schools of thought contend with each other, but it is also the inevitable result of market selection and development. When talking about the game market, you will think of the game market in South Korea. Every time you talk about big works, many players will be very excited to compare them.

From the point of view of secondary retention, three retention and seven retention, we are concerned about monthly, weekly, daily, and even refined to the first day’s flow; from a large number of data such as PCU, dau, Wau, Mau, ARPU, arppu, LTV, and payment rate, it is not difficult to see that the things that evaluate the quality of products are quantified into fixed rules.

“You have never experienced the feeling of watching more than a dozen bullshit projects a day. The degree of completion is poor, the art is rough, and the playing methods are outdated. The concepts preached to you are basically flying in the sky. See a slightly more normal asking price and enough for you to drink a pot. There are really not many games that you can see in the market. No matter how bad the games are, they are the best. The process of selecting products is really like looking for a needle in a haystack. “

It all boils down to two words: it isthreshold

In fact, for mobile game companies, high-quality, fine operation, both are indispensable.

It is also very important to carry out continuous and diversified exploration in the game segmentation market and vertical field. After all, the whole market is obviously no longer the era of channel as the king, only the development path of high-quality and diversification can have a long life cycle.

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