What is the speed of 1m network? What is Mbps


What is the speed of 1m? What does Mbps mean. We all know the Mbps unit, many users are not very familiar with Mbps, come to see the knowledge of Mbps.

What does Mbps mean?

Mbps is the abbreviation of million bits per second, Mbps = Mbit / s, that is, Mbps. It means the average number of bits of data transmitted in time, and its units are bits per second (BPS), kilobits per second (kbps), or megabits per second (Mbps).

The conversion unit relationship is: 1kbps = 1024bps, 1Mbps = 1024 * 1024bps (sometimes, for simple calculation, 1kbps = 1000bps, 1Mbps = 1000000bps). The data transmission rate reflects the information processing ability between terminal devices. It is the average value over a period of time. The larger the value, the faster the speed.


For example, most of the broadband used in the home is 4m or 10m. 4m or 10m here means 4Mbps or 10Mbps.

How much is 1Mbps? How many Kbps is 1Mbps?


The maximum download speed of 1m broadband can reach 128K / s, but this is only the maximum limit speed. Considering some other factors, generally more than 100 K / S belongs to the normal range.

If it is 10m broadband, 10m = 10240kbps = 1280kb / s, this 1280kb / S is the maximum download speed.

So 1Mbps is one megabyte. In a computer, with 1m broadband, when downloading files, the average download rate is 100kb / s.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the staff of Huawei have developed a processor that can support 300mbps in the development process. This processor can configure the Kirin 950 processor with a higher speed transmission platform, and the maximum Internet speed is as high as 300mbps. However, it is impossible for operators to achieve such a fast network speed.


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