What is the significance of zero code development platform for enterprises?


With the acceleration of enterprise digital process, many enterprises must have thought about how to let themselves take this express train, in order to prevent the chain from falling in the fierce competition, and even want to overtake through the digital transformation curve. In fact, these aspirations are not very difficult to achieve. The reason is that companies don’t know how to start.

For example, while focusing on business, many enterprises also hope to have enough commercial applications to support business so as to obtain higher profits and profits. They are full of cross system, high-precision and high integration ideas for these applications.

However, just relying on the IT Department of the enterprise itself, due to the lack of project development experience, the systems often produced are full of loopholes and difficult to use, resulting in complaints from employees and customers. If it is to find outsourcing companies or ready-made systems, the high cost makes the operators flinch.

This is the gap in the digital transformation of enterprises.

So now there is a way to reduce the cost of trial and error of enterprises, with low code, or even zero code, so that enterprise managers can personally join in the construction of the system, can it be very efficient to solve the problem of enterprise demand for digital platform?

This platform is zero code development platform, which is the current popular PAAS (platform as a service).

What is the significance of zero code development platform for enterprises?

1、 Reduce enterprise cost

This is the most direct meaning. Zero code development can be carried out through visualization, modularization, drag and drop operation. Compared with the traditional code writing development method, it can reduce the tedious and repetitive coding work in the process and effectively reduce the labor cost; In addition, business personnel can also use the zero code platform through simple learning. Even if they have no technical background, they can make a business demo to share with IT personnel for reference, which can greatly reduce the communication cost in the enterprise.

2、 Realize digital transformation and operation

At present, there are three obstacles hindering the process of enterprise digital transformation, which are project backlog, human cost and demand overload. When the zero code platform reduces the labor cost, it can also solve the problem of the existing project backlog, or the changing needs of the business department. Of course, the enterprise’s digital transformation is also a matter of pushing the boat with the current.

3、 Helping enterprises realize agile development

In business competition, speed is life. The business logic of an enterprise may be changing every day. For example, trade laws are constantly updated, policies are constantly changing, and competitors update their playing methods from time to time. If you use packaged software, you have to wait for the next update, or reselect the software that meets the rules and expectations. But using zero code development platform will be different, you can quickly add new rules to the application, keep the application updated at any time to adapt to the new environment.

4、 Solve the contradiction between data and information island

When there are more and more businesses, there will be more and more data and external connections. When the internal and external connections of an enterprise need to rely on a variety of system platforms and business application systems, how to integrate the existing IT resources of the enterprise, so as to make the isolated application of computers in the enterprise develop in the direction of collective cooperation and maximize the resource efficiency, It is the first problem to be solved. The rapid development performance of zero code development platform can develop all the systems in the enterprise through this platform, and integrate them together, unify the operation and improve the efficiency.

These are the important significance of zero code platform for enterprises. The biggest contribution of low code development platform to enterprises is independence, which means that they can independently develop and maintain their own software platform. This is what Zhixin is always focusing on.

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What is the significance of zero code development platform for enterprises?