What is the relationship between markdown and marktop?

What is markdown?

Most people who write online often know thatmarkdownIt is a lightweight markup language, which is used by many websites as a artifact of writing. This article is written by using markdown syntax. Markdown has many grammatical markers, which can complete the effect of simple typesetting structure, including some flow charts, sequence diagrams and scientific formula structure display, which is loved and recognized by most programmers and bloggers

What is marktop?

Marktop andmarkdownIt has similar functions,marktopIt is also a simple markup language, which is created by the interest of individual developers, and is basically ownedmarkdownMore than 90% of the tagging functions, but the syntax and markdown are quite different, but it also has more than 30 different functions of tags. The tags cover: title, hyperlink, list, table, code modification, pictures, videos, Emoji symbols, text decoration and color, HTML native, etc., which are enough to meet the daily writing needs of blog articles or documents with low typesetting requirements

Some subtle differences between marktop and markdown

I also use itmarkdownI’ve experienced itmarktopWell, I’m not alone in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. I don’t comment, I just share experiences and opinions

markdownBy foreignersJohn GruberCreate, its syntax is concise, by different systems and editors application and implantation, can be converted into different formats, is simply perfect
marktopOfficial website: www.marktop.site By an unknown developer in ChinaVicIts markup syntax is slightly detailed, onlyJavaScriptThere are only two imported files with small size, which can only be generated for browsingHTMLStructure, OK, poof, really andmarkdownThere is no comparison

Okay, no showdown,marktopThis is a marker grammar editor developed by our blogger during the office of the outbreak. It is not bad. Let’s make complaints about it.Marktop official website

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