What is the process of issch.exe? Is issch. exe a virus?


Issch.exe is an upgrade service for InstallShield installation tools to keep them up to date.

It is attached to software InstallShield Update Service or Macrovision FLEXnet Connect or Software Manager or Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album (Version 5) or Quicken Medical Expense Manager or Macrovision Update Service or Wal-Mart Music Downloads Store or Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, by InstallShield Software (www.installshield.com) or Macrovision (www.ma vision). Crovision.com or Sonic Solutions (www.sonic.com) are available.

Process file: issch or issch.exe

Process name: InstallShield Update Service

Producer: Install Shield Software Corporation

System process: No

Background Procedure: No

Using the Internet: No

Hardware Relevance: No

Common Errors: Unknown N/A

Memory usage: unknown N/A

Safety Level (0-5): 0

Spyware: No

Advertising Software: No

Virus: No

Trojan horse: No.