What is the most important thing in employment direction? — Confusion from programmers. (C++? Java? or algorithm?)


What is the most important thing in employment direction? --- Confusion from programmers. (C++? Java? or algorithm?)


When discussing with XD why the contract deploy testnet failed, I suddenly recalled my whole year.

I gave myself an extra year to think about how I should choose my future direction.

I started to think about what factors were most important to me.

money? This is of course important. But I don't think it's the most important factor, because in fact, everyone just graduated, and even 2 to 3 years ago, there is not much difference. The algorithm post may be slightly higher.

Haopeng is one of my best friends. I was actually surprised when he said the development was boring after 2 or 3 years of work. Because he should be more interested in technology. But with the tempering of the work, the enthusiasm at the beginning gradually disappeared, and then there was the idea of ​​changing careers. This surprised me.

Money should not be the most important element.

I suddenly remembered my experience of playing ACM in college. Maybe people around me think I'm stunned, and I don't think about tea and rice, and they are extremely invested in code and mathematical derivation. But that was when I was happiest. I even wanted to lock myself in a small room and write questions day and night.

I've come to realize that if there's one factor that can make you give up entertainment and devote yourself to your work. Then that is your most important factor.

Finally I realized that I want to do contract development.

At first I thought I wanted to do blockchain development, but later I realized it was wrong. I am not suitable. What I really love is contract development.

As for the reason, there is no doubt that the most important reason is the opportunity to participate in the creation of a product with a market value of millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions. This is really a very, very, very proud thing. The second is that it feels really great to define and create the rules yourself. Many talented teenagers stand out in an instant and create amazing products. I think this is what I'm after.

Very ashamed. I'm even a little too lazy to preach. Because I think it's really tiring to convince people that everyone makes the best decision they know. To change other people's perceptions, I feel as if I have no obligation to do so.

Domestic demand should be more important, and the most important thing is true love.