What is the format of vmdk? How to import and parse wmdk file in VMware


There are a lot of resources on the network, and the types of resources are various. Sometimes when we are playing games, we will encounter vmdk type files. Without the help of other software, this kind of file can not be opened, so how should we use this kind of file?

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VMware Workstation V11.1 Chinese green compact version [tested]
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1. The vmdk file is actually the hard disk file used by the virtual machine, so you need to download a VMware software first, which is provided in this article.

2. After the installation, we can see the main interface of VMware.

3. ClickFile in the upper left corner — new virtual machine

4. In creating the interface, we do not need to install the system, because our vmdk file contains the installed system.

5. After creating the virtual machine, right-click the virtual machine and select settings.

6、Select the hard disk and click Remove.

7. Then click Add and select to use the existing virtual disk,Then choose the path of our vmdk file.

8. Click power on the virtual machine to turn on the virtual machine,Use the software included in the vmdk file system.

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