What is the economic model construction node of adaoracle oracle


Through the feed price and API on the connection chain, adamorcorporation can access any type of API interface, realize more fair and just data acquisition and service ecology, provide reliable data for DAPP, and build a more reliable, convenient and lower cost Oracle service platform.

With its leading technical level, adamorcorporation has overcome the problems of opaque, inconsistent, inaccurate, difficult to expand and poor anti attack of the main Oracle products in the current market.

Through a scientific and rigorous process, Adam Oracle Oracle Oracle fundamentally ensures the decentralization of data acquisition. At the same time, on the premise that most nodes will work normally for their own interests, it ensures the integrity and authenticity of the data source. In this way, the adaoracle Oracle has better decentralization, more real data, stronger stability and higher attack cost.

Based on Adam’s economic model, Adam Oracle built a decentralized ecological governance system with node as the center and community as the auxiliary. In order to improve the loyalty of nodes and optimize the operation efficiency of Oracle to the greatest extent, Adam Oracle will transfer the vast majority of Adam shares to nodes. As early participants, project parties and investment institutions play a leading role in the adaoracle ecosystem. With the development and growth of adaoracle Oracle Oracle, nodes and communities will become the core of the project and realize real joint governance.

Adam Oracle motivates the data provider by paying token Adam, that is, the provider who continuously provides effective data will continue to receive Adam’s reward. At the same time, data users will need to pay a certain amount of Adam, so as to form a virtuous circle, which means that the more adamor is used, the higher the value of Adam is. It can be boldly predicted that in the future, the blockchain will transfer data outside the chain through the Oracle, which is an indispensable part of the blockchain.