What is the digital transformation? How to solve the three difficulties in the implementation of digital transformation?


1、 What is the digital transformation of enterprises?

Digital transformation is a high-level transformation based on digitalization and digitalization, which further touches the company’s core business and aims at creating a new business model. Digital transformation digital transformation is the development of digital technology and support capabilities to create a dynamic digital business model.

Digital transformation shows that success can be achieved only when an enterprise redefines its business systematically, thoroughly (or significantly and completely) – not just it, but all aspects of organizational activities, processes, business models and staff capabilities.

For the convenience of understanding, I will divide the enterprise digital transformation into two stages

(1) Data is not an asset

The first stage of enterprise digital transformation is mostly from the procurement, production, management, sales and other specific scenes of digitization, so that all processes can be more clearly presented and managed, this stage is mainly the introduction of a variety of ERP, CRM, OA, BPM financial management and other office system applications. With the introduction of these software, for many traditional enterprises, it is indeed an atomic bomb like killer. If used well, it can improve efficiency and reduce costs. This stage is also easy to understand for traditional enterprises. After the introduction of these software, many problems can be solved.

(2) Data is the core part of enterprise digital transformation

When it comes to the core part of enterprise digital transformation, many internal things will change. So data is becoming more and more important. Some people think that “data is the most important core part of an enterprise”. Data is still that data, just because data can be used effectively after the rapid development of big data technology. Data can be used for intelligent thinking and decision-making. The underlying logic of the whole business is changing. Enterprises do not carry out digital transformation. In the future, they may be fighting with “machine enterprises”. The results can be imagined.

2、 Three difficulties of enterprise digital transformation( Maybe you’ll also meet)

After we have known the two important stages of enterprise digital transformation, enterprises will encounter some problems more or less in the process of digital transformation. Let’s popularize the science by the way.

As mentioned above, the implementation of digital transformation in enterprises will introduce ERP, CRM, OA, BPM, financial management and other office system applications. These software will change the traditional aging paper and even oral processes of the original enterprises, and use a more intelligent and digital way to reduce the work flow and improve the team collaboration efficiency.

The office system in China has nearly 20 years of development history. Many fields have produced many excellent software. However, in the process of digital transformation, there are still huge problems in the deployment, promotion and application of the system. Many enterprises are deeply troubled. Today, let’s discuss the obstacles. How should we break through.

(1) Procurement or development? It’s a high cost.

In order to quickly improve their internal management ability, enterprises purchase mainstream management software to promote the use. This action seems to be no problem, but there are many hidden dangers.

First, the procurement of software systems is often in the range of more than 100000 or even millions. If the benefits are not realized in the short term, the operating costs of enterprises will be greatly increased.

Second, self-development means to set up a technical team, but the completion of the product completely depends on the experience of the technical team. At present, it takes a lot of time and money to build an enterprise level management system application from scratch.

(2) Employee boycott? There are always obstacles in the promotion of English

If a mature software needs to be implemented in the whole company, if the company does not have a perfect management system before, it needs to be deployed and promoted from top to bottom again, then there will be a long running in period. In this process, it may also be accompanied by the conflict of employees or the conflict of new and old business processes. Often hundreds of thousands of enterprises to purchase the system, at this stage, can only bear to give up.

(3) Product solidification! Hard to expand, slowly eliminated

It is very difficult to update the office system, but at present, the pace of development of all walks of life is faster and faster. New business processes, new product forms and new management modes are all appearing in a blowout. If the management system can not keep up with the pace of the times, it will be out of touch, However, if your team does not have strong technical support, then the system can not be updated with the times.

3、 Enterprise digital transformation solution!

In the face of such a situation, how can we seek new breakthroughs and take a good road of enterprise digital transformation?

Recommended managers should learn about low / zero code platforms.

This is a kind of customized system that can quickly combine with the actual business scenarios of enterprises to build enterprise management system applications.

Enterprises no longer need to rely on programmers or professional software companies. But can completely rely on their own business or management personnel, to create the application they want, and can be updated and optimized at any time.

What is the digital transformation? How to solve the three difficulties in the implementation of digital transformation?

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  • Realize data driven management

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