What is the difference between Android simulator and real machine?


1. The APK signature installed on the simulator is in the debug mode, and another signature should be used to release the application to the market.

2. PX pixels on the simulator can be displayed normally, but the layout may become beyond recognition and ugly in the real machine test. Dip must be used to make the system recognize automatically in order to achieve the expected effect.

3. The space on the simulator can be displayed normally with \ T, but it will not work on the real machine (ME525 +).

4. When the simulator calls the mail service and reports an error, a selection will pop up on the real machine. There are other functions as well.

5. The prompt for creating shortcuts on the simulator is quite different from that on the real machine. The prompt on the simulator is in English, and the prompt on the real machine is in Chinese, and there are several consecutive prompts with different contents.

6. The input box effect seen on the simulator is relatively large, but it is obviously much smaller on the real machine.

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