What is telecommuting and what is not


I believe many people have read 37 signals’ remote, and many geeks like remote office, and I am one of them. But today, through my own experience, remote is required. Most of the time, it’s not remote work, but illness and treatment.

Not every great programmer is suitable for telecommuting

We constantly learn that recruiting a good person is the key to the development and success of the company. Therefore, when you think of a whole region, remote office team cooperation mode, you need to deeply understand that this is to pull the commander from a group of generals. Why? The eternal enemy of human beings is laziness and slowness, and the basis of telecommuting is the execution of tasks.

However, for manyexcellentTheir excellence is reflected in the quality of program development and the pursuit of perfection. But these outstanding features can not solve the internal problems of remote work. For example, an excellent program ape can learn the latest JS library and read a lot of technical articles every day, but it often drops the chain in the development progress, instead of staying up late to catch up with the work.

Division of labor, joint production contract responsibility system

What we do is what we get. Let the clear division of labor and the work distribution full of inspiration and perfection make every lonely soul have a lighthouse (pretending to want to die). Here, I do not recommend the product in the embryonic form is not determined, the direction of confusion in the case of telecommuting. Those thoughts like lightning and Firestone need face-to-face communication, and it is very difficult to divide the work and review such tasks when the overall situation is uncertain.

Don’t make tools a burden

Maybe wechat is enough, maybe a simple issue tracker is enough. Do you really use a variety of tools on your asana, Google Calendar, trello and other platforms?

In the case of telecommuting, instant communication is very important, and to minimize this cost is to use a stable, accurate and ruthless light product. It’s OK for small teams to use wechat. 10 to 20 people can try to use slack and hipchat, etc. if the team is as large as 50 +, a more complete team cooperation platform is needed. Remember, tools serve us. Never let them become a burden on team communication.


A “broken” team, only love can maintain everyone’s emotions. And this kind of love, like modern marriage, needs to have an economic basis. We are all here to develop, operate and write content, all of which are in the hope of “making money”. I just want to stand and earn money.

Therefore, I hereby deny the remote cooperation in the case of unclear product form. Technology can communicate, activities can communicate, product details can communicate, only the purpose and value of the product need to collide. To make everyone love this product and team, we need to let everyone see the value and the power to strive for it.