What is live broadcasting? How popular is webcast? The diversity of Van Gogh’s live broadcasting


What is live broadcasting?

Live broadcasting is a kind of real-time interaction, a social way, and a way of entertainment.
During the epidemic period, the value of live broadcasting was further highlighted.
What is live broadcasting? How popular is webcast? The diversity of Van Gogh's live broadcasting
How popular is webcast?

According to the data, in 2015, there were nearly 200 online live broadcasting platforms in China, of which the market scale of online live broadcasting was about 9 billion yuan. According to incomplete statistics, a new live app appears almost every three hours. Momo directly put the live module on the home page, from Tencent’s Betta, now, Baidu’s cloud live, Sina’s live broadcast, Wang Sicong’s panda TV, and pepper’s live broadcast, people from all walks of life came on stage.

Van Gogh live broadcasting system: meet the needs of users and make the user experience better. For the background, it can realize the anchor control and permission setting.

Van Gogh live system development language

1. Background PHP language

2. Android is java language, IOS is OC language.

3. The framework is ThinkPHP PHP language system: Linux database: MySQL.

4. The PHP video interactive system is composed of web system, redis service, MySQL service, video service, chat service, background management system and timing monitoring.

5. Android development language of mobile terminal: Java, IOS, apple side: OC native development, background management using PHP language development, based on TP framework, all services provide horizontal expansion. Including app dual terminal (Android, IOS), web background.

6. Tool development front end: native, frameless, using PHP language, based on TP framework. All services provide horizontal expansion and support modification.
What is live broadcasting? How popular is webcast? The diversity of Van Gogh's live broadcasting
After the early user enclosure competition, in the past two years, the competition focus of short video track has gradually shifted to the ecological competition. Among them, live video with goods has become the industry standard, and its importance in the field of short video is becoming higher and higher.
The emergence of this trend is closely related to the continuous iteration of live broadcast itself. Different from the early show mode, today’s live broadcast has become the infrastructure of the Internet.

Van Gogh live broadcast system meets the needs of users, so that the user experience is better.
Welcome to continue to pay attention to my article, let’s look forward to the development prospect of live broadcast system.