What is cross domain???


What is cross domain?

When a request URL   Protocol, domain name, port between any of the three different from the current page URL is cross domain.

Current page URL         Requested page URL         Cross domain             reason
http://www.test.com/      http://www.test.com/index.html       no Same origin (same protocol, domain name and port number)
http://www.test.com/      https://www.test.com/index.html Cross domain Different protocols (HTTP / HTTPS)
http://www.test.com/      http://www.baidu.com/         Cross domain                     Main domain name is different (test / Baidu)
http://www.test.com/      http://blog.test.com/          Cross domain                     Different subdomains (WWW / blog)
http://www.test.com :8080/     http://www.test.com :7001/        Cross domain                     Different port numbers (8080 / 7001)

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