What is cloud security and why is it necessary for enterprises?


Now more and more applications are migrating to the “cloud”. When enterprises want to transfer all or part of their operating workload to the cloud platform, they will inevitably encounter security problems. According to the sampling statistics of the national Internet Emergency Center, there are more than 4300 DDoS attacks with a peak value of more than 10Gbps every month. Unable to open the page, unable to open the function, unable to search the information and so on, these attacks lead to the use of users’ impatience and hinder the majority of enterprises. E-commerce enterprises even need to worry about whether there is malicious to obtain illegal interests.
So, what is cloud security?
Cloud security is based on cloud computing business model security software, hardware, user, organization security cloud platform. It monitors the behavior of network software, obtains the latest information of Trojan horse and malicious program in the Internet, sends it to the server for automatic analysis and processing, and then distributes the solution of virus and Trojan horse to every client.
It is difficult for us to clearly describe the definition of “cloud security”. What are the advantages of Mimi’s research direction and cloud security? Discuss cloud security with you.

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Three research directions of Cloud Security

  1. Cloud computing security

Cloud computing is a computing method based on Internet. In this way, the shared software and hardware resources and information can be provided to various computer terminals and other devices on demand.
What is cloud security and why is it necessary for enterprises?

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This paper mainly studies how to ensure the security of the cloud itself and various applications on the cloud, including cloud computer system security, secure storage and isolation of user data, user access authentication, information transmission security, network attack protection, compliance audit, etc.
2. Cloud based security infrastructure
This paper mainly studies how to use cloud computing to build and integrate security infrastructure resources, optimize the security protection mechanism, including the construction of large-scale security events, information collection and processing platform through cloud computing technology, realize the collection and correlation analysis of massive information, and improve the ability of network security event control and risk control.
3. Cloud security services
This paper mainly studies various security services based on cloud computing platform for users, such as anti-virus services.

What are the benefits of cloud security?

1. Convenience
For the security environment of the whole Internet, with the help of big data, some previously undiscovered vulnerabilities can be more easily found and solved, and the more users you use, the more secure you are.
2. Cheap
For users, the problems that can only be solved by local software and hardware can now be supported by all the data of the whole “cloud”. It is more comprehensive to deal with the problems, has no dead angle in defense, and of course saves more money.
3. Fast
For security service providers, it can quickly and effectively protect user data and provide big data services.
We need to follow the principles of prevention in advance, defense in the event and handling after the event, which correspond to different levels of attack events and security requirements.

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