What is cloud rendering? How fast is it rendering? I will tell you


Rendering is a very important step in making renderings. It takes a lot of time to render a high-quality rendering. Generally, it takes 2-8 hours to render a panorama. If you use your own computer to render During this period of time, you can no longer use this computer to do other things, and the rendering efficiency is very low. At this time, you can choose to use cloud rendering to render images. So what is cloud rendering? To put it simply, cloud rendering is a cloud service that relies on cloud computing and makes full use of cloud computing ideas. Users submit local tasks to remote servers, and remote computer clusters uniformly schedule and perform rendering operations. After the task is rendered Return to the local, and finally the user downloads the result locally. In the specific use of the current cloud rendering platform, by building a supercomputer cluster on the cloud to be responsible for task processing, the user only needs to install the client and submit the rendered scene to the cloud with one click. The cloud uses distributed rendering technology to render the image and return it to the user , so as to achieve fast drawing without occupying customer resources. Usually shorten the rendering time of customers from several hours to ten minutes.

How fast is cloud rendering? The speed of cloud rendering is mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. High number of threads: Generally, the number of threads of a home computer is about 8-16 threads. The number of server threads used by the cloud rendering platform is generally 32 and 48 threads. When using vray rendering, the number of grids will be several times more. My computer is 8 For threading, it usually takes more than an hour to render a picture on your own computer, and it only takes more than 10 minutes to render it in cloud rendering. 2. Batch rendering: One computer can only render one camera during rendering. If a scene needs to be rendered Multiple cameras can be a waste of time. Batch rendering is another advantage of cloud rendering. There are tens of thousands of servers in the computer room of the cloud rendering platform, and multiple shots can be rendered at the same time. Even if the local computer configuration is high, it takes 6 hours to render 6 images, but If you put it into cloud rendering and render at the same time, this time can be shortened by 6 times. A large number of servers are available for deployment, and all of them can achieve online rendering. Generally, up to 10 machines can be used to render a picture online. I used 480 thread rendering once because I was in a hurry to deliver the picture. The rendering on my computer is estimated to take 12 hours. , It is estimated that it will take 8 hours to render on an ordinary cloud rendering machine, and then submit 480 threads to render in less than an hour, which can be said to be extremely fast. What are the advantages of cloud rendering? 1. Rendering speed The biggest advantage of cloud rendering is that the rendering speed is very fast. Most cloud rendering platforms use E-series CPUs with a high number of threads. Most of the single machines have 32 threads or 48 threads, and there are more grids. The rendering speed is also faster. The most powerful thing about cloud rendering is distributed rendering. When the cloud rendering platform connects servers online, the rendering speed will be doubled. Generally, you can choose up to 10-20 servers for online rendering. When you are in a hurry to submit maps, choose The highest thread distributed rendering of cloud rendering may complete a set of images in a few minutes, which is incomparable with local rendering.

2. Batch rendering Another advantage of cloud rendering is that it can render multiple renderings at the same time, which cannot be done on a local machine. Submitting multiple renderings for simultaneous rendering can save a lot of time compared to rendering one by one locally. 3. Does not take up the CPU Usually, when we use our own computer to render, the CPU will be full, and we cannot continue to use the computer when rendering, so the general rendering time will be in the middle of the night. Using cloud rendering to render will not occupy the CPU. At the same time, you can continue to draw pictures, which greatly improves work efficiency. 4. Rendering cost Take the current cost-effective rendering master as an example. The average cost of a picture is 0.8. If you purchase a computer specially used for rendering, the cost is several thousand blocks, and sometimes a computer can not meet the needs of an employee, but no matter how many pictures are provided by cloud rendering, it can start rendering immediately, without queuing, and the cost is very low. 5. More functions Major clouds The functions of the rendering platform are becoming more and more complete. When rendering, there is generally a function of one-click channel map and scene optimization, which reduces the rendering time in many ways. Nowadays, more and more cloud rendering platforms are emerging on the Internet. Each platform’s The machine performance, price, and stability are all uneven. To choose the cloud rendering platform that suits you best, you need to conduct a drawing test comparison.