What is block chain?


Everyone has their own views on what is block chain. But how can we clearly understand and understand the block chain? What can we really do? I’m afraid very few. It is not to deify block chain technology, but to blindly propagate the uselessness of block chain. The secret ape technology is engaged in the research and development of block chain basic technology and tools. The development project covers all the core links in the block chain field. It has participated in the design and development of enterprise level high performance block chain kernel CITA, public chain Nervos and Ethereum, mobile wallet Cyton and Neuron, browser Microscope and other open source projects, and the establishment of open source technology to exchange community CITAHub to help technology and business. Combination. In our eyes, the block chain is a stone that can be seen all over the world!

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Block chain is a stone that can be seen all over the world.

Why is it a stone?

Block chain is a stone that can be seen all over the world. What are its characteristics? The words you engrave on the stone can’t be changed. At the same time, everyone in the world can see the stone and the words written on it. We can not tamper with and agree that the block chain is actually so simple.

If I narrow this down, for example, for a few of us here, I’ll just grab a stone and it works the same way as a block chain. Stone may seem like a commonplace thing, but it does have very few technologies that can hold information for thousands of years. Ancient civilization information is almost all preserved on the basis of stone. In fact, like the mysterious Blackstone design in 2001, it is one of the oldest technologies, and at the same time, the most accurate proportion represents the most advanced technology.

Without special technology, it is impossible to build a stone that can be seen all over the world. At this time, it is necessary to rely on block chain technology, to expand with the method of engineering, so that only a part of the people can see the stone, into the world can see.

What can we do with blocks and chains?

The most direct application is auditing: no matter what you want to do, first ask you to engrave it on the stone so that everyone can see it. We can add another layer, called punishment. Once you do something different from what you say, you will be punished. In the past, “punishment” was carried out through social institutions and manpower, such as courts and police. But on the block chain, we want to automate it.

So at the smallest concentration, the block chain is the rock that the whole world sees. But we want to use engineering methods to develop around this stone and make it a bigger system. In this way, you can build trust. Because of auditing and punishment, this is a complete system, just like the real society. I write a contract is my promise to the whole world. If I don’t abide by the contract and break the promise, I will go to court and confiscate my property. That’s my punishment. But the real society is doing this in a “human way” and there is no way to scale it up. But if we throw it all to machines, it can be scaled up.

Are there any more powerful stones?

Therefore, since 2016, we have adhered to the bottom technology of deep tillage block chain, constantly polishing the tools of block chain in our hands, and in practice to enhance our understanding of the future. We realize that stone can only be used for lettering, it can’t do all the things. Obviously, there is a set of other systems, which are independent of stones. After three years of continuous exploration, we believe that block chains can become an engine of trust. To this end, we began to build Nervos Encryption Economic Network around “trust”. (Note: Nervos is a network. CKB is the underlying public chain under the network. As a court system, it can carry out automated auditing and punishment. If the Nervos network is a car, the block chain is the engine. It continuously transfers trust to other components. The engine outputs trust. And all it can do is export trust because you carve everything on it so that others can audit it.

Then we build around the trust of other organizations, such as a variety of Layer2 ecosystems. When you make a mistake or fail to comply with the promise, you will be punished as you deserve. And this is Nervos layered architecture concept. Under this hierarchical architecture, CKB of the underlying public chain (we call it Layer1) serves as an encryption court, focusing on security and decentralization; Layer2 of the upper layer seeks to achieve maximum performance. The combination of Layer 1 and Layer 2 can make Nervos a powerful encrypted economic network and create a better world.

The Jade we are looking for: Encryption Economy

So, what kind of business scenarios will there be in a better world in the future? We believe that under the encrypted economic network, on the one hand, assets can have good liquidity, goods can be traded at any time, which seems to be back to the era of barter. The middle currency may not be that important. Because before the currency is to reduce transaction costs, the transaction cost of the encrypted economic network constructed by Nervos itself is already very low. On the other hand, because everyone can own real digital assets, the giants and small businesses can cooperate equally, such as the props in the Tencent game now. It has no liquidity. Without liquidity, it’s not an asset – then the block chain will overturn the game industry in the first place.

The encrypted cat tells us a story: A is the company that makes the encrypted cat, B is the company that makes the hat for the encrypted cat, and C is the company that makes the boots for the encrypted cat. Users buy an encrypted cat, a hat and a boot from A, B and C, and turn it into an encrypted cat wearing a hat and boots. The cat can be sold again, and its value may have doubled ten times. Because maybe my cats, hats and boots are rare, this combination is even rarer.
Previous digital worlds were isolated islands, and everyone was very closed. It will not open its API, even if it is open, developers will do it and become bigger. Finally, it will change API.
Grab a job with developers. Because Tencent is the God who can change the rules in its world. So no one else can play with him. This is not equal cooperation. After the emergence of block chains, everyone can cooperate equally.

In short, with the tool of block chain, we have the possibility of creating an encryption economy. Now, as the technical provider of Nervos Encryption Economic Network, we have completed the bottom CKB public chain test network has been online, and the main network will be online in Q4. We are moving towards the goal of encrypting economic networks step by step.

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What is block chain?

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