What is an account in the blockchain



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Regarding the blockchain, the account/address is probably the most contacted by users, so what is the address? Virtual addresses, rare addresses, rare address mining, and rare pools are all new concepts worth understanding.

The address is calculated and formed through a series of cryptographic algorithms, which is essentially the hash value of the public key belonging to a specific user. The address is used to receive and send data during transactions on the network. It consists of a string of letters and numbers, but It can also be represented as a scannable QR code.

Virtual Address/Virtual Address
A virtual address is a string of publicly available letters and numbers and starts with a custom set of letters and numbers. Virtual addresses allow to receive, save and send cryptocurrencies.

Rare Address Nanity Address
Rare address refers to the random generation of a specific string through the calculation of the hash function. Since the hash function cannot be calculated in reverse, the key can only be repeatedly generated until the key contains the desired string, and such Key addresses are called rare addresses.

Rare Address Mining Nanity-Mining
Virtual address mining is the process of repeatedly generating a secret key address based on a hash function through a computer until the expected string appears in the key through a large number of calculations. Finding a specific mathematical solution is somewhat similar.

Rare Pool Nanity Pool
A rare pool is a rare address generation pool, a service that allows users to outsource their rare address generation needs to third-party miners without fear of compromising their security.