What is a JSP file and how to open a JSP file


JSP format file is a dynamic web page technical standard, which is a dynamic web page program file written in Java language. It mainly appears in the process of website development. However, some people will inadvertently download to JSP format files in the process of downloading, such as jb51.jspThis should be the reason why the website has the function of anti-theft chain. If you are in this situation, you can solve it with the following method.

The solution is actually quite simple: right click on the download link and select “save as” to download.

Well, there’s a little episode up there, now back to the subjectHow to open JSP fileAs an ordinary netizen or website developer, how to choose a suitable way to open the JSP file? Please see Mu Tong’s three methods as follows:


If you are not a website developer and just want to open the JSP file to have a look, then the notepad that every computer has is undoubtedly your best helper.The method is as followsOpen a notepad, and then drag the JSP file you want to open into Notepad. After opening, there are some codes, as shown in the following figure:

jsp是什么文件 如何打开jsp格式的文件?

Of course, only web developers who have learned JSP technology can understand the specific meaning of these codes. But they won’t use Notepad to open or edit JSP files, because if they use Notepad to deal with such disorganized code, their brain cells will protest collectively. The following two tools are more suitable for them:

Advantages: the computer can open JSP file without downloading other software

Disadvantages: the display is disorganized and dense, which makes the head big, and the function can not meet the basic application

UE editor

  UE editor full name UltraEdit, is a multi-functional editor, which can open many text files that I can’t count. For a website developer, UE editor is much better than notepad in terms of display effect and function, so there are quite a lot of users. The following figure shows the effect of using UE editor to open the same JSP file:

jsp是什么文件 如何打开jsp格式的文件?

UE editor function is practical, and some of the code of JSP file has a functional and eye-catching note display, as well as the code line number mark on the left, which is undoubtedly convenient for developers to read and code.

Advantages: functional and practical, support many in the website development process need to use a variety of formats

Disadvantages: it’s not free (but the website can download all kinds of green and Chinese versions)

Dreamweaver web design software

Powerful professional web design software, one of the three swordsmen of web design. Set a variety of functions often used in the process of website development in one, for opening JSP, which is a common format file in the process of website production, is a necessary underlying function, which is more than the above UE editor in function. Is a professional, long-term website developers essential software.

jsp是什么文件 如何打开jsp格式的文件

Advantages: powerful and practical, suitable for long-term professional developers

Disadvantages: charging software, and for the title of “how to open JSP file”, it is too “puffy”.

For users with different identities, the three softwares described above can have their own actual needs and choose their own methods to process your JSP files.

In fact, there are many other softwares that can open and compile JSP files, such as:emeditoreditplusAnd so on are very good software.