What is a head mine? Why are you robbing swarm BZZ head mine?


After the official information of the new currency was released and the main network was launched, on the one hand, various miners are racing against time to optimize enterprise technology, on the other hand, they are also deploying their own systems. Race against time optimization technology is well understood. Everyone wants to make a good start when the main network goes online and make their own reputation. However, why are everyone stepping up the deployment of the system, because everyone is trying to dig a valuable mine.

What is a head mine? Why are you robbing swarm BZZ head mine?

What is a head mine

The so-called “head mine”, in fact, as a popular saying, refers to the coins dug during a working time when the main network of new currency is completed or shortly after it is launched. Mining machine docking aacd314

For the first time, the mine and pool are mainly arranged online to participate in early mining; Mainly according to the distribution mechanism of various types of password currency, the earlier the block award is distributed, the more generous the claim of the head. For example, only Nakamoto was involved in the first block data of bitcoin and obtained 500000 bitcoins. As for enterprise investment in mining machinery, it is a person with professional knowledge who does professional things.

For example, the total number of issuing enterprises of fil coins is constant, with a total of 2 billion pieces. Every week, half in six years. According to its distribution mechanism, 70% are excavated by miners. In other words, the reward for miners is 1.4 billion.

Obviously, compared with buying coins, filecoin mining undoubtedly has more space. Therefore, mining has become an investor’s first choice, and grabbing the “head mine” has become a top priority.

For the majority of investors, the pre war preparation to seize the “head mine” is bound to take the lead in the fierce competition behind the online main line.

What is a head mine? Why are you robbing swarm BZZ head mine?

Advantageous miner machine docking aacd314 before the main network goes online

In fact, we still have a very important part of off-site fund management in the state of watching its change. Although they have expressed hope for the project, their consideration of risk has not yet made them enter the game. If filecoin goes online after the situation improves, the first influx must be these coveted OTC funds. Not only that, new mines and new competitors will pour in, but the layout design of mining technology equipment and system is not something we can do overnight. It involves the production and purchase of enterprise equipment, the installation of system, the ability of debugging and the selection of rigid machine room. Therefore, even if the funds are in place, from the aspects of capital investment, mine deployment and operation, according to the operation data of the service provider, a mine needs at least two to three months to roll out.

Therefore, if we deploy the mine after the main network goes online, it will take two to three months for the fastest development to officially start capital operation. These two to three months will also waste learning opportunities, so it is very important to dig the first mine.

This process has happened once in the history of bitcoin. Early miners could dig out bitcoin with ordinary user computers. There is no doubt that they enjoyed a very amazing first mine dividend.

What is a head mine? Why are you robbing swarm BZZ head mine?

There are relatively few participants in the head mine

Most people are slow to respond to new things. Many people only recognize the trends that have occurred before, and only a few people with a keen sense of smell will find opportunities in the next five or even ten years to make a layout in advance, which coincides with the 28 year rule of world operation.

When the development of social things becomes clearer and the number of participants is increasing, it is already a red sea, which will lead to the situation of more monks and less income and the decline of profitability. Early bitcoin miners were able to mine tens of thousands of bitcoins, usually with the help of simple computing equipment and even home computers.

Advantages of head mine

1. At the initial stage, there were few servers for effective management of the whole network, and there were few studies on miners in the later stage of development, while there were more coins, and naturally more coins could be dug.

2. Bitcoin halving in 2020 will lead to bull market expectations and high global consensus, which is likely to make the profits of the first mine amazing!

3. If there is ultra-high income, even the capital will be returned in one month, but it will not continue to develop for a long time, because we will inevitably cause a large number of competitors to pour in, and finally make the income level gradually return to the normal value.

4. The layout of mining equipment and systems usually takes 2-3 months. When the overall demand increases significantly in the later stage, it may take half a year to complete.

5. The supply of online equipment in nearby cities is in short supply, and the price level is rising relatively.

6. Early excavation, early return and high return.

Therefore, only the miners who participate in the initial stage of development can have a chance to enjoy ultra-high benefits.

Comparison between swarm and filecoin

Filecoin head mine is likely to have a history of reusing bitcoin, so the competition of head mine is very complex and fierce. In this case, investors who participated in filecoin in the early society all hoped to dig as many coins as possible through their own mining service providers. At this time, we have to fight for technical and economic strength. On the other hand, the development needs to deploy enough equipment and systems for mine work with sufficient enterprise scale. Therefore, through mining technology service providers, they will also layout as much as possible and early as possible to dig the first mine as much as possible.

However, most students who are optimistic about filecoin, an enterprise project, believe that once a project is launched on the main network, due to the lack of mortgage market demand, the gradual development and release of China’s currency through private placement in the early stage after half a year, and the optimistic expectation of currency price, there will not necessarily be too much currency circulating in the market in the first half a year or even one year after the launch of the main network, Everyone will choose to hold and store coins as much as possible, which will directly lead to the strong trend of filecoin’s currency price in the first period of time.

In fact, there are still a considerable number of off-site funds in a wait-and-see state. Although they have expectations for the project, they have not been listed for the time being due to risk considerations. Mining machine docking aacd314

What is a head mine? Why are you robbing swarm BZZ head mine?

However, the layout and development of mining technology, equipment and system is by no means overnight. It involves the purchase of enterprise equipment, the installation and commissioning of the system, and the selection of high-performance computer rooms in China. Therefore, even if the funds are in place, there is no cycle from capital investment to mine deployment and formal operation.

In addition to a storage information resource, swarm mining also needs bandwidth to upload and download data. We can get some corresponding rewards for the contribution of storage and bandwidth, and the greater the contribution, the higher the probability of obtaining the token BZZ.

Bee colony node is called bee node. Since the beginning of this year, qbzz (bee colony test network token) can be obtained by running QBee node.

Compared with filecoin’s various mining configuration problems, swarm mining can still be in the early stage of society. The official has not given specific configuration, and can only be studied and referenced through some resource allocation methods of IPFs. Another official data shows that enterprises will have 35 nodes officially recognized by China. Before it is announced, the situation in the market is more chaotic and needs to be selected carefully.

To sum up, for enterprises, filecoin is a benchmarking BTC Wall Street as a super public chain, while swarm is an Ethereum head sports project benchmarking IPFs. From the perspective of project management, the track design is different, but both have a great economic prospect. As for the mining industry, swarm is earlier than filecoin. The official information is unclear and the market is chaotic. Only the huge entry cost of miners may cause losses.

The stronger the currency price, the more intense the competition among enterprises will inevitably result. Not only will the existing competitors increase capital investment and continuously increase the layout, but also they will have huge commercial and economic interests, which will promote the influx of off-site capitalism, promote new mining service providers to rush into this social field, and further aggravate the competition in the design industry.

Therefore, mining service providers are doing their best to attract investment and hope to lay out as soon as possible and excavate as many mines as possible.

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