What industry is large bandwidth suitable for? How much bandwidth is available for renting servers in Hong Kong


[email protected] Xiaobian wants to talk to you: the word bandwidth is heard more and more in today’s social life. With the advent of the Internet era, various commercial applications such as data transmission are also increasing, and applications are increasingly pursuing clearer videos and pictures, which requires a large amount of bandwidth. Nowadays, when enterprises choose servers, the demand for large bandwidth is also growing. Fortunately, with the progress of science and technology, the maximum amount of data held by bandwidth is also increasing.

1、 What is a large bandwidth server?

Before mentioning large bandwidth, first understand what bandwidth is. Bandwidth is different from what we call broadband at home. Broadband can be simply understood as a service that operators link to the Internet according to family or business needs, and bandwidth is the transmission speed, which refers to the maximum data flow per unit time, or the maximum number of binary bits per unit time. The larger the data of bandwidth, This means that the greater the data traffic transmitted by the server in unit time. What we call large bandwidth server is a general term. Generally speaking, bandwidth above 100Mbps can become large bandwidth. Servers using this bandwidth can be called large bandwidth servers. Servers used by large bandwidth generally support automatic switching between 100Mbps and 1000Mbps network cards.

2、 Which industries need large bandwidth servers?

Large bandwidth servers have many advantages in enterprise applications, which can make your website bear more traffic. Even if a large number of users log in at the same time, they won’t feel stuck. In addition, large bandwidth can make your website transmit faster, and users will upload and download files quickly on the website. Generally speaking, large websites such as software download, online games, video streaming live broadcast and flash online viewing need to be taught more, such as fish fighting live broadcast and iqiyi video, which are more popular at this stage; In addition, websites with high requirements for network quality also need large bandwidth servers, such as Baidu, Sina Weibo, Taobao, etc.

3、 Which one should enterprises choose when renting large bandwidth servers?

When enterprises rent large bandwidth servers, bandwidth is an important consideration. Enterprises all hope that their website data transmission speed is faster than others. However, with the increase of bandwidth cost at this stage, choosing servers with higher bandwidth will lead to higher budget cost; Unrestricted traffic is also important for large bandwidth servers. Large bandwidth servers will produce a large amount of data transmission and consume high traffic. Any package that limits traffic is not enough.