What if win10 doesn’t have a Windows preview program?


As we all know, when using windows10 system, if there is no windows preview experience plan option in the setting center, how to solve the problem that win10 does not have windows preview experience plan? Xiaobian thinks it may be because of our default account. Because Microsoft does not allow preview experience of windows program for administrator account. We can re create a new account in the system, so we can solve the problem. Interested friends, don’t miss it.

How to solve win10 without windows preview experience plan

1. Press the keyboard Win + R to open the run Window > enter netplwiz

2. In the open user account tool, click the Add button > click“

Log in without Microsoft account “> select” local account “> enter user name (leave password blank)


3. Double click the new user name > group member > select administrator

4. Right click the start button > shutdown or logout > logout

5. Log in to the windows system with the newly created account

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