What if win10 cannot open 360 browser? 360 prompts the solution of “360se.exe is damaged”


What if win10 cannot open 360 browser? Some friends reported that when using win10 system, when you open 360 browser, you will be prompted with “360se.exo is damaged”. How should this situation be solved? Today, Xiaobian brought you the solution of “360se.exe damage” when using 360 in win10 system. Interested friends, come and have a look.

Solution of 360 prompt “360se.exe damaged” in win10 system

1. Right click the blank position of the task bar at the bottom of the desktop, and select the “task manager” menu item in the pop-up menu;

2. In the open Task Manager window, click the menu item “file / run new task” successively;

3. At this time, the new task window will be opened, and enter the command CMD in the window;

4. Then select the check box in front of “create this task with system administrator permission”, and finally click OK to run the task;

5. At this time, you can open the command prompt window, enter the command in the window, and then press enter to run the command; for %1 in (%windir%\system32\*.dll) do regsvr32. exe /s %1

6. At this time, the system will re register the DLL file. After a while, run the 360 browser again and you can open it normally.

After following the above steps, you can successfully open the 360 secure browser again.

The above is all the contents of “what should I do if win10 can’t open 360 browser? 360 prompt” solution to 360se.exe damage “shared by developeppaer. I hope it can help you,developpaerContinue to release more information, welcome your attention.

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