What if the Mac wastebasket can’t be emptied?


On our usual Windows system, there is a recycle bin for storing files that we delete. Similarly, on Apple’s Mac, there’s the same thing. It’s a waste basket. When we delete a file on the Mac, it goes into the wastebasket. To put it bluntly, the waste basket is actually a regret medicine. If you delete the wrong document, you can also find it from the waste basket. If there are more and more files in the waste basket, it will occupy more and more disk space on the Mac computer. At this time, we can clean all the files stored in the waste basket, and use them to clean up the files and release the disk space. But from time to time, when we empty the waste basket, we will encounter problems that can not be emptied. Here is a brief introduction of how to solve the problem.

1. If you want to empty the wastebasket on Mac, it’s very simple. Just right-click it with the mouse and choose it.“Clean up the waste basket safely”Options, as shown in the figure

2. Next, the system will prompt us if we want to permanently delete the data files stored in the waste basket. If you are very sure, please clickEmpty TrashButton to continue.

3. Under normal circumstances, theThe noodles can clean up all the papers in the wastebasket.。 Sometimes, however, I encounter a hint as shown in the figure below, when I try to clear a photo file from the wastebasket, and the system prompts me that “I can’t do this because it’s being used by other applications”.

4. Indeed, this photo was opened first, then I put it in the waste basket directly, and then clean it up, the system will prompt the above error message. So when you encounter such a situation, please check whether the current application is using the file you want to delete. When the application in use is shut down, the waste basket can be emptied normally.

5. Of course, if you check the current running application and find no files to delete, but there are still some files that can’t empty the wastebasket. At this time, we can restart the Mac computer and then empty the wastebasket.

6. Above are some operations about using waste basket on Mac and some treatment methods when encountering problems.

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