What if the F2 key of the computer keyboard cannot rename the file?


My own computer keyboard is good, the computer system is no problem, but today after booting up, I found that the F2 key on the keyboard can not rename the file, I was busy working for half a day to find the answer, search in Baidu can not find a fundamental solution, since Xiaobian found it, then share it with small partners.

The reason why the shortcut keys of computer system can not be used is that the conflict of the software shortcut keys installed in the computer will lead to the abnormal shortcut keys, so today’s F2 key problem is the same. Now that you know the principle, how to solve it?

1. First of all, check what software the computer is booting now? For example, there are only 360 security guards and QQ software on my computer.

2. After checking 360 security guards, no shortcuts were found.(F2) Conflict, then the problem must be on QQ, open the QQ control panel, find the QQ system settings, and find the inside.Hotkey settingsAs shown in the figure

3. Check if QQ hotkeys are usedF2 Hot BondSettings, yes, cancelF2 Hot BondAs shown in the figure

4. Quit QQ system settings and checkF2Can you rename it? Pictured

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