What if the documents and setting directory in Disk C cannot be opened and changed?


Today, I double-click “documents and setting” on Disk C of the computer, but I can’t open it and pop it up, so I can’t access it. After groping for this problem, I finally solved it. Now I share it with you. The problems encountered are shown in the figure

1. Click on the above“tool”, pop up the drop-down menu, and then click“Folder Options”, as shown in the figure

2. After opening, select“ViewTab, the makeUse sharing Wizard (recommended)Remove the front tick and confirm, as shown in the figure

3. Right click “Documents and setting folder”, pop up the drop-down menu and click“Properties”, as shown in the figure

4. Pop up“ Documents and Setting”In the properties interface, select the “security” tab, and then click“senior”, as shown in the figure

5. After opening the interface, select““Owner”Tab, click“Edit “,As shown in the figure

6. After opening the interface, select the administrator group, and then delegate the“Replace owners of containers and objects”Check the box in front and confirm, as shown in the figure

7. Pop up a dialog box and clickdetermine, as shown in the figure

8. Now double click the documents and setting folder to open it, as shown in the figure