What if the computer desktop icon is gone? Start the computer desktop blank. There is no icon. Solution to the problem


What if my computer icon is missing? Today, some users reported that when they opened my computer from the upper left corner of the desktop, they found that the icon was missing. Where can I find my computer icon? Today, I will share with you the solution to the disappearance of my computer icon. I hope it will be helpful to you.

There is no blank Icon on the startup computer desktop. Solution:

Icon has special significance in the computer. It represents a program, web page, command, which can be opened quickly with the click of the mouse. However, sometimes the icon is missing due to accidental deletion. Next, I’ll teach you how to find my computer icon. Come and have a look

Method 1: set Desktop Icon

1. Right click the blank space of the desktop and select personalization in the pop-up menu

2. Click the theme and set the desktop icon

3. Open the desktop icon setting, check the computer check box, and click OK

If you have just upgraded the system, there is only a recycle bin on the desktop, or my computer icon is deleted by mistake, you can use this method to retrieve it. If you still can’t find the method you can try, 2

Method 2: create a new process of explorer.exe

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + delete to open the task manager, find the explorer.exe process under the process tab, right-click and select end process

2. At this time, the screen will be completely black. Don’t worry. Open the task manager, click the file in the upper left corner, and click new task to run

3. Create a new task, enter explorer, and click OK

This method is applicable to the solution that all desktop icons are missing and the taskbar is missing.

The above is the solution to how to do without my computer icon. Have I found my computer icon now?