What if MacOS 10.13 allows any source to go? Mac OS 10.13 allows any source to be turned off


After upgrading the MacOS 10.13 system, users will fail to open some application files. At the same time, users will be prompted that the application files “come from unidentified developers”. At this time, we need to open “any source” in “Settings” – Security and privacy “to solve this problem. However, this option is not available in Mac OS 10.13. So what if MacOS 10.13 allows any source to go? Mac OS 10.13 allows any source to be turned on when it’s gone?

MacOS 10.13 allows any source to open methods:

If you need to restore the option of allowing “any source”, that is, to turn off the gatekeeper of the system, we can use the spctl command in the “launch pad (small rocket icon in the dock bar at the bottom of the system interface)” – “other” – terminal: (copy and paste the following code to the terminal, and then press enter)

  sudo spctl –master-disable

After entering, the terminal needs the user to input the password of the startup lock screen to start execution. Here, enter the password to password: the password is not displayed in the back, you can enter the key directly after entering the password, and you don’t need to pay attention to it.

After performing the above steps, the “any source” option appears. It should be noted that if “app store” and “approved developers” are re selected in “security and privacy” of system preferences, that is, after re opening gatekeeper, the option of allowing “any source” will disappear again. You can run the above command to close gatekeeper again.

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