What has win10 version 20h2 improved? Introduction to improvement of win10 version 2020


According to windowslatest, like windows 10 version 19h2, the autumn update of win 10 2020 will still be committed to providing bug fixes and improvements for the existing may 2020 update, including a new start menu with recognizable themes.

It home learned that it is expected that win 10 version 20h2 will appear in windows update as a regular monthly update. Users can install it by clicking the “download and install” option in windows update, and the time required for download and installation will be shortened.

The following is a list of major modifications in Windows 10 version 20h2:

• theme recognizable “start” menu: the new “start” menu simplifies the appearance design and applies a partially transparent background to the block.

• built in chrome based Microsoft edge.

• the alt tab application switcher will now include tabs for Microsoft edge.

Easily change the refresh rate of the display

If the display purchased by the user supports a refresh rate of 120Hz, 144hz or higher, you need to ensure that windows is actually set to the maximum refresh rate supported.

Starting with windows 10 version 20h2, users can go to Settings > system > display > Advanced Display Settings > display adapter properties and quickly change the refresh rate. The user can find the option under the “refresh rate” sub heading, and then click the Hz value to select the refresh rate of the display from the list.

The System applet in the control panel has been moved to settings

Microsoft said that in this version of windows 10, the classic “system” of the control panel has been deleted. When the user opens the system program in the control panel, he will automatically go to the about page in the settings application.

In addition, Microsoft has added a new copy button in Settings > system > about. This will allow the user to copy the system confirmation to the clipboard.

Although the “control panel” will not disappear soon, it is likely to be another step in Microsoft’s plan to phase out the “control panel”.

“Focus assistant”

Windows 10 comes with a feature called “focus assistant”, which allows users to pause or completely stop notifications during calls, demonstrations or games. It aims to reduce distractions when users need to concentrate on completing their work. In Windows 10 version 20h2, the focus assistant will not pop up its own notification alert, and the focus assistant notification will be turned off by default.

Fixed sites in Microsoft edge

Windows 10 20h2 allows users to click fixed site on the taskbar to access all open tabs of the site in the Microsoft edge window.

Tablet experience with 2-in-1 devices

In this version, the tablet experience is improved and the touch experience is better.

Other improvements

• users can choose to click the “X” in the upper right corner of the notification page to close it quickly. The “X” option replaces the original right arrow.

• Microsoft tried to add a smaller search box to the taskbar.

• windows 10 will now adjust the layout of the taskbar icons on the new PC based on the user’s Microsoft account.

• improvements in modern equipment management (MDM).

• performance improvements and bug fixes.

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