What has win10 1803 updated? Update summary of win10 version 1803


As we all know, win10 1803 is a major version update of win10 pushed on April 30, 2018. It has been two years since now, so why should Xiaobian say it? In fact, this version has many contents online. As one of the exquisite party, it is natural to understand the differences between different versions. The following Xiaobian will share with you the updated content of win10 1803 version. Don’t miss it if you are interested.

1. Primary aero frosted glass and new “advanced graphics settings”

The win10 1803 interface is beautified and the setting interface is opened. It has a translucent effect of aero ground glass, but the effect is not obvious. In recent years, many graphics card devices have been suspected of flooding. The reason is the popularity of CPU built-in core display. Although for desktop users, the psychological shock brought by multiple graphics cards is far less than the actual shock, it is a very good scheme for notebook users.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

In the new version of win10, Microsoft has introduced a new option for multi graphics card users, allowing users to specify the responsibility scope of each GPU. For example, when you play a game, you naturally hope that the independent graphics card can play the leading role of rendering. After all, special effects and fluency are the most important thing to care about at the moment. This option can fully turn on your PC! Watching videos or pictures, you don’t need too many graphics card support. At this time, using integrated graphics card is a better choice.

In win10 build 17101, you can find the “advanced graphics settings” module through “Settings” → “system” → “display”. By default, the operating system will select the appropriate graphics card for each group of applications according to the built-in rules (this is much like the switching strategy of dual core display). Of course, you can also modify the “classic application” to “general application” to manually modify the GPU module of the specified application. Among them, “energy saving GPU” usually refers to the built-in graphics card, while “high performance GPU” is an independent graphics card.

Note: because the author’s computer has only one group of graphics cards, the display of “energy saving” and “high performance” is consistent. Under normal circumstances, the system can be correctly distinguished.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

2. Edge browser adds ad removal function

In the new version of win10 build 17101, Microsoft has specially added a “clutch free printing” switch for the printing module to quickly remove all kinds of animations and advertisements in the printed manuscript.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

From the test results, the ad printing of the new version of edge is very good, which can well identify and eliminate all kinds of Web ads. At the same time, the text is also rearranged by the system to look more like a standard document.

3. Windows security integration module

In the new version, some functions of Windows Defender are transferred to the “Settings” panel. The previous “Settings” → “update and security” → “Windows Defender” is directly renamed “windows security”. At the same time, it also transfers the previous Windows Defender function entries such as “virus and threat protection”, “account protection”, “firewall and network protection” to this panel. After clicking, windows defender will still open.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

4. Add and delete diagnostic data function

“Diagnostic data” is a data viewer reserved by win10 for developers. Its main purpose is to enable developers to better track fault information. In the new version of “Settings” → “privacy” → “diagnosis and feedback” panel, a “delete” button is added. Because users pay more attention to personal privacy, they can manually clear windows diagnostic data through this button.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

5. Xbox new game edition

Xbox game bar provides gamers with a gadget that can record screen and live broadcast. In this version, Microsoft redesigned the game bar, added black and white UI styles, and the width is much larger than the old version. In addition to the newly added time module, the new game bar began to introduce notes and shortcut keys for buttons. At the same time, players can also directly turn on and off mic, camera, mixed stream title and so on in the game bar.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

6. Allows the user to adjust the HDR brightness

HDR is the meaning of picture tolerance, which can make high light and dark light appear on the same picture at the same time, and preserve the picture details as much as possible. HDR needs the hardware support of the display device. For example, HDR TV can usually reach the display brightness of 1000 nit (NIT / brightness unit), while ordinary display can reach about 300 nit at most.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

The HDR setting of win10 allows users with HDR display (HDR has requirements for display and graphics card. If it cannot be turned on, please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation) to use HDR faster. The new version of HDR adds a brightness adjustment slider, which allows users to adjust the screen brightness according to their needs. At the same time, it also specifically adds two sets of options for notebook users: “do not automatically process video when using the battery” and “allow video to be played at a lower resolution when using the battery”, which can not only ensure the basic effect, but also consume as little power as possible.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

7. New uwp volume control interface

A volume control module is added under the new version of “setting” → “system” → “sound” panel. It can quickly complete volume adjustment, input and output in the same interface. From the test situation, there is nothing special about this function in the new version. It uses the existing functions in the current version, but as a big stroke of win10 uwp, new changes are likely to appear in the later stage of the module.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

8. Add Mini view

Sometimes you want to be able to “use two things at once”, such as watching movies while browsing the web. In win10 build 17101, a function called “mini view” can just meet this requirement.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

This function is a bit like “picture in picture” in the TV era. When the switch is turned on, the currently played video will be automatically reduced to the upper right corner of the screen and superimposed on other windows. At present, uwp versions of “film and television” and “Skype” have supported this function. Interested netizens can try it by themselves.

9. Timeline: help you easily find important things on your device

The proliferation of devices and information explosion have led to a significant increase in people’s time using the screen. In fact, people spend almost all their time on the screen. Personal information is distributed on multiple devices, which makes it more and more difficult to find data. We all had this experience. We remember writing some documents, but when we looked through emails and folders, we found nothing. Or, we remember seeing some favorite photos and videos, but we can’t find them again. Timelines can help you avoid wasting this time.

With the help of the timeline function, you can retrieve the activity content within 30 days in time on the windows 10 1803 computer. You can find the content used earlier today, last week, or a few weeks ago. Because we deal with transactions on the move most of the time, when you use Microsoft edge browser or office 365 on IOS or Android devices, you can even log in to the same Microsoft account on Windows 10 1803 computer to continue to deal with related matters. So, imagine that when you go out, you use your mobile phone to select the bathroom washbasin for home decoration, and then go back to your home computer to complete the purchase of the washbasin; Or you can process the documents on the way to and from work by bus, and you can continue to process the documents seamlessly when you return to the office.

10. Focus assist makes you more focused

Today, most of us spend 3-6 hours a day on the screen. Most of this time is spent on social media, and the continuous flow of interfering information from various devices makes it difficult for us to focus. In many ways, our attention is being distracted, and all kinds of miscellaneous information continue to attract our attention, resulting in our inability to focus on those important things. This is a war of concentration. At work, people will be interrupted or switched to other matters (except meetings) every three minutes or so. Most people need about 23 minutes to regain efficiency after being interrupted, which reduces our productivity and creativity.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

By updating the April version of 2018 windows10 1803, we have launched the focus assistant function to help you focus on the business you are dealing with. You can turn on the focus assistant at any time, so you can focus on your business without being disturbed by social media or other notifications. You can also choose to automatically turn on this function in a specific time period. When you finish the task, you will receive a summary with all the information you received during your hard work, including notices, emails and updates. During this period, if you are waiting for a special call or email, you can also select the relevant personnel to receive their call or email.

11. Natural voice input

The natural computer experience allows us to complete tasks through direct dialogue with machines without typing. We found that voice input not only brings novel experience and entertainment, but also has great potential to subvert the way of human-computer interaction.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

Therefore, we have enhanced the dictation function in the April version of 2018 windows10 1803 update. It is easier than ever to take notes and write papers by voice. When the cursor is in any document area or application of windows10 1803, click Win + H to start speaking. The improved dictation function of windows 10 1803 will record your thoughts more quickly and quickly, the wonderful inspiration sprouted by you and your colleagues, or the speech you are preparing for your friend’s wedding, which will not be lost.

12. Microsoft edge browser lets you browse more attentively

With the update of Microsoft edge browser, we will also help you browse the web more attentively. You can now click the audio icon to disable or allow sound from the web page. Whether it is a book, PDF or a page in reading view, it can bring you a non disturbing reading experience through full screen display.

Shopping will also be easier because your address, payment and other information can be safely stored, and you can choose to automatically fill in this information when using web payment. With the new clean printing option, you can also print web pages more neatly and eliminate clutter and useless information on the page. In addition, if you need help while reading, you can get help through the latest grammar tools. Grammar tools can split the text on the page into syllables and highlight different parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs and adjectives.

13. Focus assistant (no disturb setting)

Playing games is most afraid of sudden pop-up messages. In the new version of win10, a new “focus assistant” happens to be able to solve this problem. The new function is located under the “Settings” → “system” panel and can be quickly called out with the help of the shortcut panel of the action center. To put it simply, “focus assistant” is an enhanced version of “full screen interference free”, which can automatically shield the notification information according to the device startup time (such as the set time range) and user operation behavior (such as playing games and using projection). In addition, users can also specify the priority of applications by themselves. For example, only notifications of high priority applications are allowed to pop up. Other applications are included by the action center, which can also solve this problem to a certain extent.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

14. Cortana voice controlled smart home

With the 2018 windows 10 1803 update April edition and the Microsoft Cortana in Windows 10 1803 PCs, you can use voice to directly control your smart home products. For example, after a day’s work, if you want to go back to your warm home, you just need to click Xiaona on the computer and say “Hello, Xiaona, adjust the temperature controller in the living room to 22 degrees Celsius”, so as to regulate ecobee, Honeywell, nest learning and other temperature controller products.

15. Weather forecast uwp optimization

There are some new changes in the weather forecast uwp in this version. Click the “Refresh” button in the main interface, and you will see a new peak chart instead of the previous daily forecast. This is actually the “graphical forecast” used by the foreign version of “weather” for many years. This time Microsoft hid this new interface in the refresh button, which is likely to be the foreshadowing for the next update of the “weather” UI. As for other functions, they are basically similar to the previous version, and there is nothing special.

16. New color filter

This is a function specially designed for users with weak color or impaired vision. Under the “Settings” → “easy to use” → “image” panel, you will find this sub module called “color filter”. Generally speaking, it is a system level color correction component. Users can choose different modes such as gray, inversion and monochrome enhancement according to their own needs. In addition to being opened through the setting panel, Microsoft also allows users to quickly open and close this function through the shortcut key win + Ctrl + C.

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

17. Activity history settings (timeline)

In version 17101, the control function of activity history is added in “Settings” → “privacy” → “activity history”. Users can freely control operations such as synchronization to the cloud and activity collection policies, and even decide which accounts are recorded by win10 and which cannot be recorded (multiple accounts).

Win10 1803更新内容汇总

“Activity history” is a new multi terminal data synchronization function added to win10. In addition to synchronizing the activities of mobile terminals and other computers, it can also be used as an advanced history of this machine.

In addition, windows 10 build 17101 has made detailed adjustments to edge, Xiaona, touch keyboard and other functional modules.

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