What has been updated for win10 21h1? Win10 21h1 version update


As we all know, the upcoming release of windows 10 20h2 in the second half of the year is mainly to improve the 20h1 (version 2004) released in May, with no new functions. The next “real” system update is windows 10 21h1, which will be released next spring. Interested friends should not miss it.

At present, Microsoft has started the developer internal test of windows 10 21h1, and its internal code is iron.

The update log of the development version of windows 10 21h1 lists many new features, but Microsoft points out that these new features in the preview version do not necessarily appear in the final official version. But it doesn’t prevent everyone from looking forward to it.

Delete list

In Windows 10 21h1 version, Microsoft has added a function called “user cleaning suggestions”. This function has become a part of the “storage” setting. It can create a list for you to list the infrequent applications, files and personal data for users to choose whether to delete.

Application Archive

The “archive” application function has also appeared in Windows 10 21h1. This function will automatically archive your application, but your data and settings will be saved. When you reopen an archived app, windows will automatically download the app from the store and open it.

In fact, the archive function is to delete the applications you basically don’t use, retain personal data and settings, so as to free up storage space, and help you download again in case you remember one day.

Disk management

The disk management function is also different in the new system. Microsoft has re developed it according to the uwp standard. Novices can easily view and understand disk information or create and format disks. For advanced users, Microsoft will continue to provide traditional disk management MMC control.

Audio device settings

Microsoft has also improved the audio device settings. In the audio device options in the settings, you can see which audio device is your default device, and you can easily select other devices as the default.

At the same time, the volume mixer has also been updated. Microsoft has added a new link for it. Click to enter the setting page and set the sound for each application.

Task Manager

The task manager adds a new column called “architecture”, which shows the architecture of each running process (x64, x86 or arm64).

DNS configuration

DNS, which can only be set in the control panel, can also be configured directly in “Settings” in Windows 10 21h1.

The new system will also enable DNS over HTTPS (DOH) by default, that is, domain name resolution service (DNS) based on Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS). Its purpose is to prevent outsiders from discovering the website your computer is visiting, so as to make your network browsing more secure and private.

By default, all applications and browsers will be DOH enabled, including Microsoft edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

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