What else can enterprises do to make a management system, but they don’t want to hire programmers?


If you are a code farmer, there must be a programming foundation. It is really too simple to make a management system. Even if you can’t program or have no programming foundation, you can build a management system in a short time.

How to do it? At present, there are many development tools with no / low code in the domestic market, while these platforms are quite mature overseas. It is said that within 2023, 80% of enterprises will adopt no / low code development to build applications.

What else can enterprises do to make a management system, but they don't want to hire programmers?

What’s special about codeless development tools?

More cost-effective

As the subject said, developing a management software, do not want to hire programmers, small and medium-sized enterprises or institutions to support a technical team costs too much, this is usually due to the high cost of employing a team of developers, or because the availability and expertise of talent can not be found. The reason why codeless is cost-effective is that it takes less time to build applications and has low production costs. Even if there is no programming foundation, you may learn to build a set of management software in a few days. Therefore, the software made without code tools will be cheaper than the software on the market.

What else can enterprises do to make a management system, but they don't want to hire programmers?

Deliver projects in less time

With the development of the enterprise, your business is more and more. Many enterprises will rush to find a software supplier or outsourcing team to do a management software at this time. It will waste a lot of time from communicating business requirements to final development. It will take at least several months to complete. It often takes time to deliver the project, but there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed, which lead to overdue projects And codeless development usually takes only a few days, which is 12 times more than traditional development.

Change business functions at any time

Some people may have doubts. Components without code are all written. What should I do if I need to modify business functions? No code can be adjusted at any time, add, delete, modify, check, and change based on the function provided by the government. The process does not need to touch the code. However, it has to be said that it is impossible to realize the business requirements of all scenarios through code free tools. There is no such tool. Therefore, when choosing a codeless tool, we should also consider the business requirements that may arise in the future development direction of the enterprise to ensure whether this tool can be completed. But codeless platform is also in the continuous development, as far as possible to make more functions to meet different business scenarios.

Low learning cost

If you want to build a management system and learn programming language from zero development, it is obviously unrealistic, and the learning cost is high. However, without code development, because the underlying code and modules are packaged into components, many functional requirements can be completed by dragging and dropping through the visual interface. As long as you understand your own business process and business requirements, and then learn the official technical documents, you can build it.

N + system templates out of the box

If you don’t know what functions codeless development can do, or if you just want to have a set of management software quickly, you can see in the figure below that the N + system templates provided by the white code free platform are Click to use, which is convenient and fast.

What else can enterprises do to make a management system, but they don't want to hire programmers?

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprises today is the cost and time required to build mobile applications. After all, it’s crucial to reach your audience anytime, anywhere. However, learning a specific language for each platform can be a puzzling task and put enormous pressure on resources. However, with codeless application development tools, employees or users with little application development experience can easily add functions to mobile applications using the drag and drop interface without single line coding.