What editor is better for beginners to learn Python?


What editor is better for beginners to learn Python? If a worker wants to do well, he must first sharpen his tools, choose good tools and learn more efficiently. There are many popular editors on the market. Choose the one that suits you according to your needs. P Xiaobai can choose pycharm. The configuration is simple and powerful. It saves time and worry. It is very friendly to beginners. Today, we mainly introduce the sublimetext, idle, VIM, pycharm and Emacs editors.

What editor is better for beginners to learn Python?

The python editor recommended by Xiaobian is as follows:


Sublimetext is suitable for novices in Python. Sublimetext supports cross platform and can use its rich plug-ins and themes. Various syntax highlights and code completion make the whole look very comfortable, and the theme configuration is simple.


Windows system uses idle, an editor provided by pyhton. You can also use it to practice at the beginning. Idle has syntax highlighting function and allows you to run programs in idle. Many things are handled automatically. Such as debug.


VIM is a powerful editor. You can use VIM skillfully without the mouse. VIM needs to invest a high learning cost and spend time studying the use of various shortcut commands and plug-ins, but it is of great benefit in the long run.


Using intelij idea, this pycharm comes from the same company and is easy to use. Now many companies, such as twitter, Groupon, spotify, eBay and Telefonica, are using pycharm. However, the professional version of it needs to be purchased.


Emacs is an open source editor that supports plug-in extensions and configures a python integrated development environment. Emacs is not only an editor, but also an integrated environment and an integrated development environment.


Wingide is an ide of Python language, including the highlighting of a large number of syntax tags. Compared with other similar ides, the biggest feature of wingide is that it can debug Django applications. Wingide is an excellent ide; Is a python oriented tool.


Liclipse is a commercial Python integrated development environment developed by the pydev plug-in author based on eclipse. It perfectly inherits the original functions of eclipse. It provides a new experience for eclipse users, who can get ready-made: a quick editor that supports multilingual out of the box.


Spyder is a simple integrated development environment developed by the authors of python (x, y). Compared with other Python development environments, its biggest advantage is to imitate the functions of MATLAB workspace, and it is easy to observe and modify the values of arrays.

It is recommended that novices use idle and sublimetext first. After mastering them, it is recommended to learn vim. A powerful editor has powerful functions and needs more time to study.