What does WDDM mean? How to check the WDDM version number of your computer?


In the DirectX diagnostic tool of Windows computer, we will see a WDDM version project of driver model. Many novice computer friends don’t know what the ghost is. What exactly does WDDM mean? How to check the WDDM version of the computer? The following editor tries to use easy to understand language to make WDDM easier to understand.

WDDM是什么意思 怎么看自己电脑的WDDM版本?

What does WDDM mean?

WDDM is called windows display driver model, which is a new generation of Microsoft graphics driver model. WDDM is an improvement on the XPDM architecture of the old windows xp system. XPDM uses 2D GDI (graphics device interface) or GDI +. Compared with XPDM, WDDM is a 3D accelerated desktop, which was first used in Windows Vista system. All graphics cards produced after 2007 support WDDM driver.

Starting from Windows Vista, the first version is WDDM 1.0, win7 system supports WDDM 1.1, while win8 / 8.1 has sealed the WDDM version to 1.2/1.3, and the latest win10 system is updated to WDDM 2.0 again, and supports the latest dx12.

What do you think of the WDDM version of your computer?

1、 First, open the start dialog box in the computer. It is recommended to use the “Win + R” shortcut key to open it quickly. Then, after opening, enter the command “dxdiag” and click “OK” at the bottom to open it, as shown in the figure.

WDDM是什么意思 怎么看自己电脑的WDDM版本?

2、 After that, you can open the DirectX diagnostic tool, switch to the “display” tab in the tool interface, and then you can see the WDDM version of the computer on the right, as shown in the figure.

WDDM是什么意思 怎么看自己电脑的WDDM版本

As shown in the figure, the WDDM version of Xiaobian laptop is 1.3. Although the latest Windows 10 operating system is installed, the WDDM version is not high because the graphics card does not support dx12.

The above is the steps of developing editor to check the WDDM version number of your computer. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, you can leave us a message in the comment box below. We will try our best to answer for you. Thank you for your support as always, and please continue to pay attention to the follow-up tutorials and software of developer.