What does vertical synchronization mean? Analysis of vertical synchronization switch


What does vertical synchronization mean? Vertical synchronous switch analysis. Friends who often play games should notice that there is a vertical synchronization option in the game settings. What does vertical synchronization mean? What’s the effect? Let’s take a look at the detailed analysis.

Wait for vertical synchronization to open or not? First of all, let’s talk about whether to turn on vertical synchronization when playing games: if you don’t enable vertical synchronization when playing games, many game pictures will be torn. For example, when the task is walking, the upper part of the house suddenly moves, and the original overall picture will be split. After turning on vertical synchronization, the 3D image of the graphics card in the processor will be affected by the vertical synchronization signal However, if vertical synchronization is enabled, the number of frames will decrease. For example, if the lol hero League is enabled, the FPS value (frame number) will be stabilized at 60 after vertical synchronization is enabled. It is recommended to enable vertical synchronization for playing games.

What does vertical synchronization mean?

Vertical synchronization is also called vertical hold. From the display principle of CRT display, a single pixel constitutes a horizontal scan line, and the accumulation of horizontal scan lines in the vertical direction forms a complete picture. The refresh rate of the display is controlled by the DAC of the display card, which will generate a vertical synchronization signal after scanning a frame. What we usually say to turn on vertical synchronization refers to sending the signal to the 3D graphics processing part of the graphics card, so that the graphics card is restricted by the vertical synchronization signal when generating 3D graphics.

The function of vertical synchronization is as follows

The function of vertical synchronization is to prevent the picture from tearing, because the rendering of the picture is not the same as the whole picture, but is rendered row by row or column by column. If you turn off the vertical synchronization of the game, and the computer configuration is not enough, it will cause the game screen to appear when it is moving at a high speed, and the next picture will be torn before the rendering is completed.

Difference between vertical synchronous opening and closing:

The main difference is that high-speed games, such as live racing games, can prevent the picture from tearing when moving at high speed after turning on vertical synchronization. Of course, if the FPS frame number of your game screen can reach or exceed the refresh rate of your monitor, the FPS frame number of game screen is limited to the refresh rate of your monitor. You will feel that the original moving game screen is very comfortable. If it can not reach the goal, different degrees of frame skipping will occur. The larger the difference between FPS and refresh rate, the more serious the frame skipping will be. Then in the game, perhaps the powerful graphics card quickly draws a screen of images, but without the arrival of vertical synchronization signal, the graphics card can not draw the next screen, only wait for 85 units of signal to arrive before it can be drawn. The running rate of FPS is restricted by the natural operation rate.

After the vertical synchronization is turned off, except for high-speed mobile games, other games basically can’t see the picture tearing, and the picture fluency will be improved. Then after making a screen in the game, the graphics card and the monitor can start drawing the next screen image without waiting for the vertical synchronization signal, which naturally can fully play the strength of the graphics card.

How to turn off vertical synchronization?

“Wait for vertical synchronization” option in league of Heroes

Vertical synchronization on and off options are generally set in the game, such as the League of heroes

For the “wait for vertical synchronization” option, first press the “ESC” key on the keyboard to enter the game options of the League of heroes, and then click [Video] laterally. In the advanced options, there will be an option of [waiting for vertical synchronization], which can be closed by removing the check

Vertical synchronization function.

Summary of installation house:

Because of the existence of vertical synchronization, the game process can be synchronized with the display refresh rate, so that the screen is stable and smooth. Turn off the vertical synchronization signal, of course, for faster speed, but in terms of image continuity, performance is bound to be compromised. This is the reason why many users complain that the screen is discontinuous when vertical synchronization is turned off.

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