What does the viewport.exe process mean


Process file: viewport or viewport.exe
Process name: ati/appian hydravision Desktop Manager
Process category: process with security risks

English Description:
viewport.exe is a process that bellongs to the ATI/Appian HydraVision Desktop Manager. It is used for the functionality of having your desktop span over two monitors. This process should not be removed if you are using multiple monitors.
Chinese reference:
viewport. Exe is the ati/appian multi head display desktop manager. It is used to extend your desktop to two monitors.
Producer: Appian graphics
Of: n/a
System process: no
Daemon: no
Network related: no
Common error: n/a
Memory usage: n/a
Safety level (0-5): 0
Spyware: no
Advertising software: no
Virus: no
Trojan horse: no