What does the FAQ contain?


The FAQ page, also known as the FAQ page, can help answer customers’ frequently asked questions about your products and services. This is not just a list of questions. Through the FAQ page, you can save sales time and service costs, and may promote new users to buy. The FAQ page can provide service support to customers throughout the procurement process, reduce communication costs and improve work efficiency.

How can a good FAQ page help optimize SEO?

Using the most common traffic search terms to create Q & A can also help your website rank higher in these searches because your content is now more relevant. If your questions and answers are very consistent with specific search results, your FAQ may eventually appear in the zero position of Google search results. For example, I search on my computer and mobile phone, and then use voice search: what vaccine does my dog need? The answers in the abstract box are not from pet health magazines or veterinary associations, but from boarding kennels that provide clear and concise answers. This answer is easy to read on the desktop and mobile screen.

In voice search, Google will read the last sentence of the summary text loudly and mention the business name. Google doesn’t exactly explain how it chooses the summary, but it will increase your chances of improving your FAQ ranking based on best practices in your FAQ page and website format. If you want to learn more about skills, please check our blog post, including five ranking strategies for selecting summaries.

How to write a good FAQ page?

Please answer these questions before creating a valid FAQ page.

1. What keywords are customers looking for?

Use your analytics dashboard to see how people find your site in search. If you have a new business, you can study keywords through Baidu Index or other search engines.

2. What is on the competitor’s FAQ page?

See what questions and answers they include and the keywords they focus on, but remember that they may not have optimized their FAQ page. Use keyword analysis tools (see above) to determine if they are appropriate. If appropriate, you may want to include similar content (but not very similar). If not, give up the keyword.

3. Does your question match the way the customer writes or asks questions?

Try typing your questions in the browser’s search bar to see how people type them. Then ask your mobile device or electronic assistant what problems may occur. Next, write down your common questions and answers in simple and clear sentences, which can be better displayed on your mobile phone or desktop screen. Now read aloud. If they sound strange or confusing, rewrite them until you can think Siri is reading them.

4. Is your FAQ page format correct?

If you have multiple types of problems with transportation, services, products or other aspects, please group FAQs by category. Use the keywords you studied carefully in the meta tags of the page. Include links to products or services mentioned in the FAQ. Add contact information so that those who can’t find the answer they want can ask you directly, and then end the FAQ with a call to action such as start shopping now, book now or contact us. Do you want to know more about setting up a website to help you develop your new business? Make sure your website contains these necessary points.

Baklib – professional FAQ page production platform

Effect display of FAQ page made by baklib:

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What does the FAQ contain?
What does the FAQ contain?
What does the FAQ contain?

Advantages of making help documents by baklib:

  1. Reduce labor costs, use baklib to build a help center, which is easy to operate, and can be used through the Internet without purchasing software and hardware and recruiting IT personnel An online help center has been set up to reduce the after-sales pressure and the number of online customer service support.
  2. Improve user satisfaction and provide a script library for customer service. When receiving, customer service personnel can directly use the answers of the knowledge base to answer visitors’ questions and improve work efficiency. Round the clock intelligent Q & A assistant can achieve 24-hour non differentiated service.
  3. Improve organizational efficiency, effectively store knowledge, accelerate the flow of information and knowledge within the enterprise, and realize the sharing of knowledge within the organization. Improve internal work efficiency and provide support for later product iteration and upgrading.
  4. Improving SEO ranking is conducive to product publicity. When someone searches for the relevant content of your product, he can know the relevant information of your product through your help center, which is conducive to your brand promotion.

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