What do you think of the version number of deepin system? Skills of viewing system version information in deepin system


How to view the system version information under deepin Linux system? We can query through the graphical interface, through commands, or by installing software. Let’s talk about it in detail below.

Method 1: check the version of deepin Linux on the graphical interface

Click on the taskbar““Control center”

Click“system information ”。

You can view the version information of deepin Linux

Method 2: check the version of deepin Linux system on the command line

On the command line, you can view/Etc / OS release documentTo view the version of deepin Linux system.

You can also use LSb release commandTo view the version of deepin Linux system.

Method 3Install screenfetch

Besides, it’s OKInstall screenfetch,The system version information of deep Linux can be displayed graphically.

Check the kernel, compiler and other version information of deepin Linux,You can view the / proc / version file.

The deep Linux system is based on the Debian system. To view the Debian version,You can view / etc / Debian_ version。

The above are the skills of deepin system to view the system version information. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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