What do you need to pay attention to in non science class 0 basic self-study programming? Come here and give you some self-study experience to avoid misunderstandings.


I learned from non science class 0 basic self-study. I know what misunderstandings a person has in self-study programming, what needs attention, and what can improve efficiency. Therefore, I summarized some suggestions from my self-study experience to some latecomers of self-study programming, hoping to give some help to readers who are self-study programming or intend to take this road.


1.  Cultivate interest first

In fact, self-study programming is not so difficult. As long as science and engineering students have better logical thinking and better English, they can basically learn programming, but many people fail. The reason is that many people give up before they get started. Looking at a pile of cold English letters and some boring books, many people give up after trying for a period of time. So the correct posture for self-study is to cultivate interest first. Don’t come up and learn the programming language. First find out what programming can be used for. It’s best to have a small idea. For example, some people’s motivation to learn programming is to master those cool skills. After having such an idea, you can learn the programming knowledge you need, and you will be easier to stick to it.

What do you need to pay attention to in non science class 0 basic self-study programming? Come here and give you some self-study experience to avoid misunderstandings.

2.  Don’t drill a bull’s horn.

When many novices learn by themselves, they will encounter various problems at the beginning. For example, when learning, they don’t understand why they must write like this. When the program runs, how can it be so magical? What is the principle behind it? Wait, many people spend a lot of time trying to understand it all, resulting in a lot of time and their progress is very slow at the same time.

What do you need to pay attention to in non science class 0 basic self-study programming? Come here and give you some self-study experience to avoid misunderstandings.

People from the past told us that beginners should not drill too hard. Many things, your level is not up to that level, naturally you can’t fully understand, it doesn’t matter at all. When you wait, some questions will naturally understand.

This is like some math and physics problems in your junior high school. You may not be able to understand them for a long time, but after you reach senior high school, you will suddenly realize that this principle means this.

Therefore, beginners should not drill the horn and learn step by step. It doesn’t matter if they encounter something they don’t understand and don’t know the principle behind it.


3.  Combined video

Beginners must watch videos, and they can’t just watch videos. Videos help you understand. Learning together with books and videos has the best effect. Some videos are relatively simple and not systematic, but if they only read books, many people are easy to see and can’t understand them. Therefore, I think Video + Books are the best way to start learning. Wait until the later stage, If you have the ability, you can read books, watch videos and read blogs.

Now there are many online video websites that are very good. Two are recommended:

“Muke.com” and “udacity”. If you are free, muke.com is enough. If you have poor self-learning ability, you can consider buying a set of paid courses in udacity.

Of course, if paid courses fail to arouse your interest in learning, but you want to take the road of programming, you can consider signing up for a training course. In the Internet age, online education is enough for everyone to contact and learn the industries we are interested in. Paid courses + auxiliary guidance + self-study are suitable for most people.

What do you need to pay attention to in non science class 0 basic self-study programming? Come here and give you some self-study experience to avoid misunderstandings.

4.  Multi tap code

Programming is an industry that attaches great importance to practice. You may understand the code in the book, but you will encounter various problems if you knock it down yourself. Therefore, beginners must practice it yourself in the process of learning. Even if you knock down the code line by line in the book, it will be more effective than if you simply read it.

Therefore, tapping the code must be accompanied by the whole learning cycle. From the initial learning, to the later entry, and then to your promotion, you can’t do without it. In that sentence, maybe you will encounter some problems and code you don’t understand temporarily in the process of learning. It doesn’t matter. Just tap it. As long as you can stick to it, Some questions will naturally have answers later.


5.  hold the line

In fact, programming is not that difficult. It’s just that there won’t be so much feedback at the beginning of programming. Unlike learning to sing, you can sing a song in a few days. Unlike learning Chinese, you will say “it’s too much” in a week. Programming may take you a few months, and you even think you can’t do anything, So many people give up at the beginning.

All the successful self-study programmers insist on it. You have to do well. You have to keep learning for at least three months or more than half a year, and you may not feel any progress for such a long time. However, once you insist, of course, you don’t just survive this time. You have to insist on learning every day until you get through this initial stage, You will feel very much. Although the road behind is not easy to walk, at least you are not so confused. You know how to learn, and you will easily find the direction.

Compared with other industries, programming is difficult to get started, and it is more difficult to be refined. But for the vast majority of self-taught programmers, you should give priority to getting started, strive to stick to it, and let yourself get through this difficult entry period in three months to six months.

What do you need to pay attention to in non science class 0 basic self-study programming? Come here and give you some self-study experience to avoid misunderstandings.

6.  Toss a work out

Many people stick to the method of video + books for a period of time, master some programming foundation, and feel that they can learn. At this time, you should consider tossing a work, which is the process of testing your theoretical knowledge.

This work can be very simple. It can be a small game project, an educational administration management system, or a small program. You can even copy some projects. But the important thing is to do it yourself, not to copy.

Believe me, no matter how solid your theoretical knowledge is, you will encounter various problems in this process. Even if you think it is very simple before, it is not so easy to start.

When you spend a lot of time tossing your work out in person, you will have a great sense of satisfaction and progress, your ability has been improved, and this is your project experience. Having a complete work can actually be regarded as having the basic ability to find a job. At this time, you can try to find a primary development post. Once you find a job, Your self-study road is basically completed. Although the road behind is not easy, you have survived.

Finally, give some suggestions to self-taught people to be good at using search engines.

The little problem you encounter has been encountered by countless predecessors and has been shared on the Internet. The previous experience is your valuable learning resource. Maybe you used Baidu at the beginning, but I suggest you try to use Google. When you learn to use Google, you will contact another world.

In short, I’m from the past. I know how difficult it is to learn programming by myself. Especially for some non science class students, you should stand loneliness, work harder than others, find a programming direction suitable for yourself, and then find a job.

The hardships of this process can only be experienced by people who have come here, but the experience of people who have come here tells you that my success in self-taught programming has almost changed my life track, and I have never regretted it. I sincerely hope that everyone who has self-taught programming can find their own direction and positioning, and I wish to find a job as soon as possible.


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