What do you mean by DCR in the monitor? Do you want to turn it on


So is there a way to make the display automatically adjust the brightness and contrast according to the brightness of the game screen

Here we will mention the DCR function in the display, which will automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of the display screen, so as to bring better visual effect.

What is DCR?

DCR is dynamic contrast ratio, also known as dynamic contrast Ratio, also known as dynamic contrast optimization technology, can automatically detect the brightness of the input signal, and automatically adjust the backlight module to improve the performance of the picture. It can not only improve the contrast, but also enhance the gray scale, so as to bring more delicate pictures, and automatically adjust the brightness contrast according to the characteristics of the picture, so as to bring clearer pictures.

The dynamic contrast of the display can be calculated by testing. If the maximum brightness of the screen / the minimum brightness of the screen (n = Lmax / lmin), in simple words, the larger the value, the better. In this way, the more layers there are between light and dark, and the hierarchical sense of the display will naturally be stronger.

Through the comparison between DRC on and off, we can find that the game screen itself is too bright. When DCR is not turned on, the screen will have a feeling of overexposure. After DCR is turned on, the highlight part of the screen is obviously dimmed, so the overall color of the picture is more suitable for viewing.

DCR dynamic contrast optimization technology can give players a more intuitive visual enjoyment, the details of the performance can be fully exploited, so that the painting

What does DCR in the monitor mean? DCR is the DCR Libby technology. This Libby technology can automatically adjust the contrast value of the screen and automatically judge whether the brightness of the screen is suitable. Let’s learn more about this aspect.


Operation method
1、DCR (dynamic contrast ratio) is called dynamic contrast ratio in Chinese. The DCR in the display indicates that the display uses DCR Libby technology.


2Dynamic contrast refers to the contrast value measured by LCD under certain specific conditions. For example, each area of the screen is tested one by one. The contrast value of the area with the largest contrast is taken as the contrast parameter of the product.


3、DCR dynamic contrast ratio technology has a special contrast optimization technology, which can automatically judge the overall brightness of the picture. By reducing the brightness of dark areas, it can effectively restore different color levels accurately, so that the details of the picture are clearer and the levels are clearer.


4、The display contrast value is defined as the ratio of the maximum brightness value (all white) divided by the minimum brightness value (all black). The contrast value of CRT display is usually as high as 500:1, so that it is easy to present a true all black picture on CRT display.


5、Different manufacturers may have different measurement methods for dynamic contrast, but their nature is also changing. Dynamic contrast and real contrast are two different concepts. Generally, the dynamic contrast of the same LCD is 3-5 times of the actual contrast


hot tip

The emergence of Libby technology greatly improves the intelligent adjustment of the display without manual adjustment of the contrast and brightness of the screen.

Face vision is more eye-catching, more rich levels, to bring players a more comfortable visual experience. At the same time, it can also reduce the eyestrain caused by over bright picture. However, if you want to turn on DCR technology, it is not applicable to all monitors. First of all, the display must be equipped with DCR technology~