What changes will the 5g front end era usher in?


5g Apple‘s real launch

  • Most people are thinking about what model to buy with high cost performance and whether to change the mobile phone, but I think about the following points most

    • Apple is often able to lead the trend of mobile phone industry, regardless of appearance or function
    • Many people don’t buy Apple 11, they are waiting for 5g of Apple 12, because Apple is very durable and can be used for several years
    • This year’s front-end practice points: for example, low code platform, front-endServerlessStandardization, andwebIDEAnd so on.

What is science hereserverless: now, if it’s a normal publishing and building process, you need to buy a server first, configure nginx, and then start your back-end server. If it’s a front-end and back-end separation project, you need to synchronize the static resource products of the front-end building to the corresponding folder for users to access (some are containerized, but I won’t elaborate too much here), It’s very difficult for a person to achieve it completely, or even if it can be achieved, the requirement for this person is a little higher. But it was usedserverlessTo develop, you can go to thewebIDEWrite your code, save it in the cloud normally, and configure it in advance. When you want to build a release, just click the release. During this period, all operation, maintenance and deployment operations have been blocked for you (in order to make it easy to understand, the explanation may not be very standard)

5g popularization is a must, and it will soon

  • What is the impact on the front end?

    • accelerateserverlessThe popularization and application of this technology is certain! As the transmission speed is faster and faster, cloud computing capacity is gradually improved, and more things will be done in the cloud, as mentioned aboveIDE(human language is the editor of web page version)
    • The scenario of civil 5g is different from that of commercial 5g, but there is one thing in common. Once the transmission speed is faster, more things can be done in the cloud. In the past, we used to deal with some recalculation services, logic, etc. for performancewasmBFF layerBut when the transmission speed becomes faster,FAASorServerlessMode can solve this problem. Let the cloud handle these problems, and the front end focuses on interaction
    • The requirement for fluency of interaction is higher
    • The front end can better realize heavier and more complex functions
    • The “front end” may be lighter. In the future, the front end may only focus on interactive implementation, and the rest will be completed in the cloud, but the front end can do more things byServerlessMode shielding operation and maintenance deployment level, one person completes the front and back end development and deployment operation and maintenance work( Best expectations)

Low code platform

  • There are many low code platforms on the market, but the best one is the current oneimgcookaccording tosketchDesign draft generates code directly, because our company UI issketchSo I got it after my practice (I didn’t know any of them, I just recommended them),What framework and environment can they choose to generate the code, with webide function. The key is that the image generation code is also in the internal test, which is too awesome

What changes will the 5g front end era usher in?

  • Optional code

What changes will the 5g front end era usher in?

  • If you are doing C-end products and often have active pages or something, I suggest that you can use this to achieve it. The work of low-end screenshots will definitely be replaced. It’s a matter of time
  • Do you want to learn more tools? My advice is to taste it, because now all kinds of technologies are in full bloom, you need to grasp the most important one or two that are the best for you and the product. Otherwise, learning more is a burden. It’s better to have time to study more underlying technology and improve comprehensive ability

What can we do

  • Follow the trend, 5g is unstoppable, and will soon be popular (I believe Apple’s leading ability)
  • Emphasis on interaction and experience. From now on, think about how to make the user experience better in the business
  • adaptwebIDEDevelopment mode, the vast majority of things will be done in the cloud in the future, you just need to learn how to use them
  • Appropriate learning back-end knowledge points, such asredis、mysqlThe use of
  • Pay attention to 3D, large screen visualization and other business scenarios that used to be more important. With the development of Google browser, it may be more powerful than expected. Maybe in ten years, it can realize real 3D projection visualization on devices
  • It doesn’t matter what framework to write UI. It’s not important to encapsulate pure functions without side effects for the futureFAASorServerlessPattern, recommend a visualization classServerlessLibrary of pattern development:node-red(based onNode.js)We use this to do a lot of things, by encapsulating pure functions, visual drag programming, with various modules (it may not be as rich as cloud vendors, but it can be deployed independently for free)

What changes will the 5g front end era usher in?


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