What can we learn from HelloWorld

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, world!");

Main function

Trust also takes the main function as the entry point of the executable program. The main function is the default main function entry, which has no return value and no parameters.

Keyword FN

FN is the abbreviation of function. When writing a function definition, FN is essential.


main.rs The file suffix for is.rs. Compilation requires executionrustc main.rs


Statement must be;ending. Statement blocks use braces.


println!Is a printout macro, not a function. How to distinguish macro from function? exclamatory mark,printlnIt is followed by an exclamation point, which means it is a macro.


After windows compiles, the EXE file is generated and the command can be executed.\main.exe. Under Linux, execute the command./main

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