What can low code do?


Introduction:Gu Kan’s professional solutions accumulated in the field of medical informatization may be the best solution to find the rapid landing of smart hospitals if it can be supported by lightweight, highly flexible and highly efficient development support capabilities.

“The epidemic situation has accelerated the development of medical informatization as a catalyst”, Shen Lingfei, chairman of Zhejiang gukan Information Co., Ltd., told reporters that it has become a top priority to carry out hospital management through information means.

Zhejiang gukan Information Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the field of medical informatization for eight years.

After eight years of exploration, Shen Lingfei firmly believes that on the intelligent management side of the hospital, there is an urgent need for companies with feelings, accumulation and technology to establish a set of pain points and effective management standards to let the hospital’s management data and information flow, so as to realize business integration and efficient closed-loop management.

This is what Gu Kan wants to do.

Build a micro service and standardized development platform with the goal of improving the management efficiency and realizing the closed-loop management of the smart hospital to help the hospital realize the smart management.

But the problem also follows – how can Gu Kan quickly build such a platform to meet the urgent demands of hospitals?

At this time, Shen Lingfei noticed that nails should be built. This is a cloud nail integrated low code application development platform developed by Alibaba. It is opening up low code development capabilities for more than 17 million enterprise organizations and 400 million users.

Shen Lingfei realized that if Gu Kan’s professional solutions accumulated in the field of medical informatization can be supported by its lightweight, highly flexible and highly efficient development support capability, it may be the best solution to find the rapid landing of smart hospitals.

Efficient realization of hospital contactless document management

In daily management, there are a large number of official documents that need to be circulated in the hospital system. Many medical workers can’t log in to the hospital intranet because of official business trips and can’t handle the release of official documents in time, which not only affects the work efficiency, but also is very helpless.

In the hospital, the diagnosis and treatment work has spent a lot of time and energy of medical workers. One day after the operation, they have to deal with the backlog of official documents, which makes the doctors more and more tired.

A third class hospital in Anhui encountered such a thing. With the gradual expansion of the hospital scale, the document transmission in multi hospital areas is very inconvenient. Dozens of cm thick documents are often stacked on the desk in the director’s office for processing, and the document circulation across hospital areas needs to be transmitted manually.

On weekdays, such document circulation may only be a common “inconvenience” in hospital management. However, during the epidemic, the circulation of “human flesh” official documents has become a very difficult thing.

Gu Kan decisively chose to build a software to solve the problem of document circulation for the “hot line” of the hospital through the low code technology provided by the appropriate platform.

“The low code technology suitable for building is different from the SaaS module independently built by enterprises on the basis of PAAS. It is a more efficient, faster delivery and lower cost solution,” Shen Lingfei told reporters. It took only 15 days to understand and confirm the needs, find the real pain points and needs of the hospital, and then complete the application building and put into use, benefiting from the ability blessing suitable for building.

What can low code do?

Document management system framework

The final document management system achieves multi terminal adaptation, so that medical workers can review documents on mobile phones, which is no longer subject to regional restrictions, and effectively improves the efficiency of document approval.

Medical workers can also browse official documents in the gap time of diagnosis and treatment, making full use of the fragmented time, which greatly improves the efficiency of non diagnosis and treatment work.

The realization of the automatic circulation function of contactless online marking solves the inconvenience of manual delivery of documents across hospital areas during the epidemic.

In 15 days, the application went online quickly, providing a convenient, professional and reliable office experience, which was highly praised by the staff of the hospital.

What can low code do?

Valley view is the official document management system power by, which is launched and applied in a hospital in Anhui Province

Reengineering complaint mechanism to solve doctor-patient problems

In hospital management, the optimization of doctor-patient relationship has always been a difficult field. It has long faced difficulties in communication, improvement and statistics.

After in-depth investigation of the problems existing in the doctor-patient relationship, Gu Yan found that when patients are dissatisfied, face-to-face communication tends to be more emotional than the problem, which eventually delays the time to solve the problem.

In addition, there is no precipitation in complaint handling, so it is impossible to extract management elements from it, which makes it difficult for the hospital to improve management measures. The hospital’s handling of complaints takes effort and effort, but it is unable to count the workload in detail. The complaints are complex and easy to be omitted.

Using the appropriate low code technology, gukan has established a set of patient-centered complaint management mechanism: “doctor-patient management housekeeper” – the solution of the all online complaint processing platform.

The platform allows patients to submit complaints online, and the process design makes the description of complaints more accurate, comprehensive and rational.

What can low code do?

Complaint management process

At the same time, the complaint information flows online and generates statistical analysis reports in real time, which is convenient for the continuous improvement of the hospital. All complaints are handled with marks, which can accurately count the workload and the real-time flow of complaint information, and can reach the department or management department point-to-point, so as to avoid the omission of complaints.

The complaint management platform designed in this way can make patients’ complaints “sound” and respond to every investment. Hospitals can also sort out the crux of the problem from complaints through data analysis, find the starting point of improving efficiency management, and “target” to empower management.

A large comprehensive class III class a hospital in Zhejiang became the first hospital to test the application of water. They soon found that the complaint management of “no way to start” in the past began to become systematic and legal. Relying on the platform, the hospital has formed a closed-loop management mode of “patient complaint – hospital reception – complaint investigation – complaint handling – result feedback”.

What can low code do?

Under the low code blessing, the smart hospital industry has great prospects

At present, companies in various hospitals, platforms and medical informatization fields continue to explore in different directions of building smart hospitals.

  • The “intelligent medical treatment” for medical personnel explores the information construction path with electronic medical record as the core;
  • The patient-oriented “smart service” is based on the patient-centered concept to bring convenient, fast and high-quality medical experience to patients;
  • The “intelligent management” focuses on the core of hospital management and is committed to exploring the fine information management path of the hospital.

The construction of smart hospitals in the above three fields needs to integrate Internet technology, big data technology and intelligent technology. This has also brought great technical barriers to explorers.

The low code capability provided by Yida can help medical information companies such as gukan break through a series of problems in building smart hospitals, and develop a series of industry solutions such as hospital document management, economic contract management platform, clean hospital, medical adverse event management, medical complaint management and medical task supervision, aiming at hospital fine management, patient service In the scenes of medical work efficiency optimization, detailed software applications were implemented, which quickly helped many hospitals across the country to establish an information-based working mechanism.

Shen Lingfei looks forward to exploring more and better solutions for the smart hospital industry with low code in the future.

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