What are these “no app” doing now?


What are these

In《Excellent project recommendation of Google flutter clock competition》There’s a vote. What do you use to develop Android now?

What are these
I think that with the strong support of Google, many people will turn to using flutter for development. However, judging from the votes, there are not many people using flutter. Except Java, kotlin is the most. When kotlin just came out, I also taught myself for a period of time and wrote several articles.

Kotlin for Android (1)

Kotlin for Android (2) basic syntax

Kotlin for Android (3) classes and objects

Kotlin for Android (4) retro fit + rxjava

If you have a certain programming foundation and learn other languages, you don’t need to learn from scratch. We can learn from the existing languages, so that we can get knowledge faster and better. Just like I used to complete Python learning during the National Day holiday. If a friend wants to learn kotlin, how to compare? Don’t worry, I have a copy of Java vs kotlin here, which is shared by my little brother from abroad. I have sorted it out and translated it into Chinese, forming a PDF. If necessary, I can get it from the public number “classmate Wu Xiaolong” dialog box by replying to the keyword: “kotlin”.

What are these

In this vote, there is also an eye-catching “no app” data. Now that they are no app, what are they doing《Is Android cold? Talk about the current situation and the way out of Android》In this article, I combine my experience and give some answers.

I also sent the voting result to the circle of friends. Some friends said that they were financially free, some said that they were going to open a steamed bun shop, some said that they were going to sell pancakes and fruits, some said that they were going to deliver takeout, some said that they were selling hardware… Seeing these comments, I thought they were joking. I replied that the friend who sold hardware “this is very profitable”, and he replied: “I can’t say whether it’s profitable now, I don’t know who else has such a big span like me. “Holding grass, it turns out that he has really changed his career. I’m a little sorry, but after thinking about it, he’s very wise, no problem!

My friend, what are you doing now? How are you doing?